Details on the pain level and medication doses

Lots of TMI.

My period arrived on time yesterday (Monday) morning. I called in sick to work because I expected the pain to ramp up. When the pain did not ramp up, I felt guilty and set to housework. By 11am, the pain and bleeding came full force, and I spent the rest of the day on the couch on Tylenol 3 and Advil gel-caps.

I cannot remember how much Tylenol 3 I went through, yesterday. I want to say it was 2.5 pills. I went through 1,600mg Advil yesterday.

The pain was at times very sharp, and most of the time it was burning and gnawing. The pain was centered in the uterus and the right ovary, though sometimes the left ovary chimed in. I would wager that my pain averaged a 7 to 7.5 on the pain scale yesterday.

This morning, I shifted position in bed and a large gush literally squirted out of me, immediately soaking through everything. I scrambled out of bed before the bedsheets could be affected. The thick pad and liner, my underwear, and my pajama bottoms took all the damage.

Today was very heavy all day, tapering slightly in the evening, and now after 11pm, I am back to another surge – my body is trying to pass a clot at the moment. OW.

I also woke with a trapped nerve, because I slept on one instead of two pillows last night. The reason I slept on one pillow is that the Tylenol 3 makes it hard for me to breathe sometimes, and I felt like my chin was trying to touch my chest with two pillows. And on Sunday, my Alexander Technique instructor was telling us not to walk with our heads down, since a human head weighs as much as 20lbs and can hurt the spine if drawn forward all the time. So even while prone, I thought about this, and put my head back a bit on just one pillow so it would not be tilting forward.
That was an unfortunate mistake on my part, because I have bulging disks in my neck from a car accident many years ago, and anytime my head leans back even the slightest bit for too long, it impinges upon the nerves. So I woke with a trapped nerve.

As I wrote earlier, I wanted my husband to stay home with me today but he wouldn’t. I texted a neighbor and didn’t hear back. I went and knocked on their door but they didn’t answer. As I was about to walk to my car, dreading the drive, another neighbor pulled up to say hi on her way to the gym. I hitched a ride to the doctor with her, and got prescribed muscle relaxers. I took a whole Tylenol 3 and shuffled home because I did not have exact change for the bus and can never remember how much it is, anyway. It is a 0.4 mile walk, but a bit harrowing when in pelvic pain and trapped nerve pain in the neck/shoulder. I got home and the other neighbors returned my call and offered to take my muscle relaxer prescription to the pharmacy.

Due to snafu between doctor and pharmacy, my script was not filled til 2pm, so I was in burning nerve pain the entire time (in the neck/shoulder/arm), on top of the endometriosis pain.

I had by this time convinced my husband to come home early from work, and he picked up the muscle relaxers for me. I took one on the way to my psychiatrist appointment, which my husband dropped me off for. I was sedated and loopy throughout the appointment, but had notes ready and got out everything I needed to for the psychiatrist to make a decision.

She does not think I fit easily into the bi-polar category, but agrees I have some sort of mood disorder and wants to start me on Abilify right away. I told her I would research it, first.
This jives a bit with my psychologist – she IS convinced I have “bi-polar 1” and wants me on Lamictal right away. I did not share this with the psychiatrist – I want her to see me a few times before I let the two start talking to each other.

I was miserable today, between the two painful conditions. I estimate the pain hovered at 8 all day. Even right now as I type, I am waiting for the latest dose of Tylenol 3 to kick in, and I’m whimpering in pain.

I have had 2 Soma pills today and I think I took 1,200mg Advil. I think I took 3.5 Tylenol 3 pills today. I didn’t take more than that for sure. I’ve been on heating pads all day. I’ve been laying around uncomfortably all day. At least the trapped nerve and the endo pain take turns. Right now the neck/shoulder/arm feels alright but the pelvic pain is hateful. Earlier I was able to nap a bit in a reclined position on the couch, but then my neck and shoulder started hurting again, with pain radiating down my arm again. So I got up and had some energy for a bit – which only means I could be in a sitting position for longer than 4 minutes – walking around still sets off more pelvic pain.

Now it’s back to pelvic pain. I’m going to warm the rice and corn heating pads for the 987543208573246th time today and try to go lay in bed. Here’s hoping I can sleep through the night.

I have called off work again tomorrow – I just know my body is not done with the heavy bleeding and pain, yet. I have a DMV appointment in the morning, anyway which cannot be cancelled. They sent me notice a month before my license was to expire, and the soonest I could get in for an appointment was two days before my friggin birthday. How lame. I have heard horror stories of people without appointments waiting 5+ hours to be seen at the DMV, and I’m in no condition to do that right now. So I kept the appointment and felt extremely guilty for taking time off work, but now it looks like the pain will keep me home, anyway.

My husband has developed some compassion and said he’ll see how I’m doing in the morning and may drive me to the DMV appointment. How nice of him.

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