Surgery going forward as originally planned

Back on September 13th, I said we could not afford a second surgery for me until sometime next year.

Well, I forget, but it was sometime last week that I called my husband’s health insurance company to find out exact costs and co-pays for a second pelvic laparoscopy.

To my utter surprise, it appears that we have already met the deductible for the surgery, and some of my regular visits to the UCSF campus for pain management have been applied to the overall co-pay.

So the expected $1,400 co-pay for surgery is actually just under $300!

I had another talk with my husband, and asked if he could *please* put money away at each pay period through December to help me go through with this surgery.

I also asked what kind of surgery Dr. Giudice prefers. The staff asked for me, and I got a call back telling me that she prefers electrocoagulation type laparoscopy, and will do that for part of my surgery. BUT where it comes to the ovaries, she prefers to excise the endometriosis. I was told that she will use her best judgement and likely do both electrocoagulation and excision wherever necessary during my surgery.

She is not afraid to tackle the endometriosis on the bladder reflection, but will be cautious.

She is not afraid to check in the recto-vaginal canal for endometriosis, which she thinks was missed during my first surgery (and is very often easily missed because it is hard to visualise in the laparoscope).

So…that’s that. I will continue to avoid Dr. Cook for the time being, who is too good to take health insurance. Much of my costs at UCSF can be covered with my insurance through Aetna with a famous and renowned surgeon who does both electrocoagulation and excision surgery.

Pre-op is set for December 1, 2010.

Surgery is set for December 17, 2010.

No, going through one surgery does not make it easier to go through a second surgery.

I am terrified. I have lots of little fears and ‘what ifs’ as to things that could go wrong. That never changes.

And now I’m faced with having to possibly have no choice in taking a mood stabiliser, because I may have to go on hormonal treatment again after this second surgery. I don’t want to be more unstable than I already am, but I might have to go through it anyway (re: trying out the lamictal) – Just In Case surgery comes along and says ‘sorry, had to take an ovary’ or ‘sorry, killed the ovary by accident’ or ‘I don’t want you menstruating for three months post-op’. Any of those scenarios could happen. And I will need to be on mood stabilisers already -stuff that has been tried and trusted by the time of surgery – already in my system – so the synthetic hormone therapy doesn’t make me whacked and seriously With A Plan suicidal like it did back in 2007.

There is just too much on my emotional plate.

Too much.

Too much.

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