Bad pain day

The pain is sharp, continuous and grating. It has been four hours since I took Tylenol 3, and two hours since I took Soma, and yet the pain relief was only about an hour.


I woke around 7:30am after having nightmares all night (likely medication-induced). I woke with heavy flow, and ate some yoghurt so I could take my first Tylenol 3 of the day. I intended to go back to bed, but then could not fall back to sleep because of the pain.

I sat in the hard chair for awhile, until I became tired again, and then I set up camp in bed with the heating pads, laptop and phone. I needed the heating pads super hot, and I did something I’ve never done – I put the electric heating pad on the hottest setting. The sharp pain just wasn’t being touched, it seemed. How terrible.

It wasn’t until I took the Soma two hours into the Tylenol 3 that I got any pain relief. I passed out and enjoyed peaceful, pain-free sleep in a reclined position with my heating pads all over me. But as I said, it only lasted an hour, when I was awakened by the need to empty the bladder and uterus. The flow is really heavy, today.

Because of my tipped (retroverted) uterus, when I am laying down, the blood does not flow down in normal fashion to the vagina and on out of my body. Instead, it pools at the back of the tipped uterus, until I wake with pain or a full feeling. The moment I try to get out of bed, I get the gushing forth of all the pooled blood. Sometimes I’m able to make it to the toilet in time. Other times, the blood squirts with such force that it goes through everything and makes me feel like I’m in my own personal horror flick.



So I woke from my drug-induced nap with a fullness, immediate pain, and the urge to urinate. The pain did not get better upon emptying the uterus and bladder.

I *did* find some relief by sitting in the damned hard wooden kitchen chair. But after eating a meal (another gluten-free pizza like the one last night, only with chicken instead of ham), I took a new round of drugs – one Tylenol 3 and 600mg Advil gelcaps. I also took a Vitamin C and a Niacin.

It took an hour and a half all told to do the following:

  • Make and eat my meal
  • Write this journal entry
  • Create the image above for this journal entry (that of course took the most time)


And now the drugs have made me sleepy again. My husband has suggested I sleep on my stomach, to let gravity pull the menstrual fluid down and out, instead of having it pool up like that. But laying on my stomach aggravates the bulging disks in my neck. :(

Good times. Good times.

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