Crawling back from the Underworld

Yesterday I was excited to say, “I’m mobile!”
My husband and I made bacon and pancakes for brekkie. He had leaded coffee, I had unleaded. Then we met up with a couple friends to go over clothing details for a wedding party we’ll be in next month.

I had intermittent moderate pain yesterday, from the moment I went to step out the door at 2pm, because the bleeding had restarted after having gone away overnight. But I went and hung out, anyway. I took 400 or 600mg Advil gelcaps as I went out the door.

While we were going through our wardrobe ideas for the wedding, more pain hit and I took a half a Tylenol 3. I can’t remember if I took 600mg more of Advil or not. :/

I had no further bleeding – just pelvic pain.

As I was shopping with friends, I took 1/2 Tylenol 3 around 6pm – I thought for sure, this time, the last gasp was starting. But no, it was still only low back pain & some pelvic / bladder pain.

Around 7pm, I ate 1/2 cup of 7 veggie soup. I was hungry but didn’t have an appetite.

Around 9:30pm the nausea set in, as did a full on stomachache, with, once again, the feeling that the last gasp would start.

I drank 3/4 cup ginger tea and ate a plain gluten-free waffle with no butter or anything on it. It didn’t help, so I took some Maalox and went to bed.

I woke with uneasiness this morning, and the stomachache is back, along with low-grade nausea.

Today will be the first day back to work (I missed Thurs and Fri). Hopefully the pain is gone til next time. Hopefully this stomach crap abates soon.

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