Eight, eight, I forget what eight was for…

Once again, I’ve lost track of how many pills I’ve taken in a day, and I forgot to keep a notepad handy either on the laptop or in paper format.

So let’s count backwards and look at the last blog entry, shall we?

1mg Lorazepam at 10pm as the nerves ramped up again (centered around homework).
One Tylenol 3 and 400mg Advil gelcaps with dinner, sometime around 8:30pm (dinner consisted of glass noodles w/ pad thai sauce, sautéed mushrooms, broccoli, and chicken, and a thai veggie ‘egg roll’. I had hot blueberry juice to drink).
Two clove capsules before dinner (it is supposed to help liver and/or kidney detox, I’m told).
1mg Lorazepam sometime between 3pm and 5pm, as the nerves ramped up (centered around homework).
One Tylenol 3 and 600mg Advil gelcaps after lunch, along with Vitamin C and Niacin (sometime around 1pm).
One Soma at around 10am.
One Tylenol 3 at around 8am.

Okay, so I’ve had 2 Lorazepam today (within the normal range for me – my highest has been 3.5mg in a day).

I’ve taken three Tylenol 3 pills today, which is about right, considering the level of pain I’ve been in. I will take the stuff from waking in the morning til turning in at night on days like this. I did let the time between doses lapse too long, and the sharp pains returned each time. Hopefully this is the last Tylenol 3 for the night, though. I don’t normally take any meds throughout the night.

I’ve ingested 5 Advil gelcaps (1,000mg) today, which is within the ‘normal’ range for me. I prolly would’ve taken 1,200 by now, normally.

I’ve had only one Soma pill today, and I might take one when I turn in for the night, just to ensure the trapped nerve doesn’t flare again while sleeping, and well, it works lovely with the Tylenol 3 to dissociate me from the pain.

Eight painkillers, One muscle relaxer, and Two anti-anxiety pills. Total = 11 pills, not counting vitamins and supplements.

All in all, maybe enough meds to kill a horse or the average human, but this is my ‘normal’ regimen.
I should prolly take some Omega 3s in the form of Evening Primrose Oil, and take my calcium. I’ll do that before bed.

Now let’s see if I can chip away at a bit more homework. My husband went out to the club without me tonight, so I can get some work done without being distracted by wanting to be near my honey.

For my reward, I will begin Season Three of Battlestar Gallactica after I get some homework done, since my husband prolly won’t be home til after the bar closes.

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