Least functional day today

This morning I awoke in searing pain around 7am and took one Tylenol 3. I think I also took some Advil, but I cannot remember how much.

I was bedridden til 3:30pm, when I got so fed up with being in bed that I got up, put some clothes on, and put together a quick purse to go outside. I had no idea if I was going to go for a walk around the block, or if I’d just be able to make it to the backyard. I cannot remember what meds I took between this morning and this afternoon.

Being outside gave me the sudden realisation that I’d not eaten well again today, and that I was actually starving. I spent about an hour outside, then came back in and made some leftover Thai.

Again, I cannot remember if I took medication with the meal or not. I do know that the pelvic pain and bleeding subsided by mid-afternoon. I do know that the pinched nerve increased in stinging/stabbing frequency by the time I forced myself out of bed around 3:30pm.

My husband came home from a band meeting and took us to the local grocery outlet, where they have a massage chair set up. I plopped down $15 for a 10 minute massage, telling the lady exactly what the points were that needed to be hit. She got everything nicely, and left me free of pain. It was quite nice…until I was back sitting inside the car on the way home, and then the pain all came back again. Meh.

When I got home, I was so exhausted from the walk outside, and from the trip to the grocery, that I needed to rest on the couch for a bit. Of course, this set off more trapped nerve pain in the shoulder again. So I got up, and suddenly I had a burst of energy. So I cleaned up some of the crap behind the couch and organised and put some minor stuff away.

And that’s all it took for the bleeding to start up again. And with it, the nausea set back in. I remembered last night, when I woke during the night and came this close to actually vomiting – the continual drooling and nausea was intense. I’ve no idea what set it off. So I was remembering that and trying not to focus on it so I wouldn’t actually puke from the ramping up pain and nausea setting back in…This was just after 8pm, and by 8:20pm I took one Tylenol 3 and 400mg Advil gelcaps with dinner, which consisted of chicken pizza (the usual gluten-free recipe). The reason I took the meds was because a trickle of blood started up, and a low-level gnawing in the uterus began. My few hours’ reprieve of pelvic pain was over, and time for the new round of cylon attacks to begin. Speaking of cylons, I never did get to watch Season three last night. I was overcome with fatigue and just went to bed.

But during dinner tonight, I started in on Season three.

I took a Lorazepam at 8:57pm and immediately got a shooting pain up to the top of my right side of my brain. I have suspected for over a week now that the Lorazepam is what is behind the increase in headaches, as well as the increase in TMJ pain. Headache is listed as a possible CNS side effect for Lorazepam.

So right now I’m on a muscle relaxer, a Tylenol 3 and 1mg anti-anxiety medication. Whatever’s been trying to pass through my cervix for the last hour … actually there was a spurt, I think it’s finally birthing. brb…
false alarm. Still just ramping up the bleeding. Ugh.

I hate this.

Stupid retroverted uterus.

Stupid endometriosis.

Stupid genetic fail.

Stupid body.

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