No appetite

As is typical when I am suffering from endometriosis pain, I either do not want to eat, or I want only to eat cereals and grains.

On Tuesday, I had moderate nausea for much of the afternoon and into the evening. The nausea came and went on Wednesday. Even when I’m not experiencing nausea, I don’t really want to eat much when I’m experiencing pelvic pain. It doesn’t matter the level of pain.

This morning I had one bowl of “EnviroKidz” Peanut Butter Panda Puffs sweetened corn cereal, with some goat milk. I haven’t had goat milk to drink in awhile – I began craving it this week. I also ate a Trader Joe’s gluten free waffle with Earth Balance “butter” and some sunflower seed butter.

The pain started as I was getting ready for work, so I called in sick. One of my head teachers phoned me as I was texting her – she figured today would be the day I’d be out. She’s pretty on top of things.

I don’t think I ate again for awhile. I know that around 8:30am, I curled up in bed with the electric heating pad on my back. My husband put my two (unheated) rice pads on top of the electric pad to add desired pressure. I konked out and didn’t wake up until 9:45am.

I spent the day in a super tired pain haze, sitting in a wooden chair in the kitchen. The less I moved, the better. Ever since discovering back in July that the pain is lessened by sitting in this damned chair, I’ve made a point to keep the kitchen table clear so that I can use the laptop and also keep doing homework even when in pain.

I do not think it has a lot to do with my posture in the chair – I often find myself slouching in the chair. What I think is happening is that the nerves in my butt and in my legs get compressed when I sit on the chair, and this acts like crimping a hose, and therefore dulls the pain.
I dunno. Maybe my posture is being forced more upright. All I know is, sitting in a hard wooden chair for the past four cycles/months seems to lessen the pain somewhat.

Sometime around 11am today is when the bleeding ramped up from dark brown spotting to dark red flow. It’s been dark red all day. It has been thick, sticky, and slow to come out. I’ve only gone through two light fabric pads today.

I got into my usual refusal of meds funk again today. I finally relented and took 600mg Advil gelcaps sometime around 1 or 2pm.

While trying to get some homework done around 7:30pm, the pain became sharp and continuous, so I put my homework away. This sucks. I got exactly two drawings done for the fifth and last Language Arts binder tonight. I still have 23 more drawings to go. I’m still only half-way through the Math binder illustrations, and I still haven’t even started the Cultural binder. These are all 3 months past due. I spent my day ranting on my endo blog and generally being mentally irritated, and also in moderate pain. I did not want to do homework. I had to force myself to do some.

I also had to force myself to eat.

I ate a bowl of rice cereal (Trader Joe’s version of Rice Krispies) with some Almond milk.
I ate a rice-chocolate candy bar.
I ate a “Yo-baby” banana flavoured yoghurt cup.

I seriously think that’s all I’ve had to eat today, until now.
Right now I’m eating a brown rice tortilla, topped with Trader Joe’s Alfredo sauce, some dill flakes, some basil flakes, some white mushrooms, diced forbidden black forest ham, and shredded goat milk cheddar cheese.
This is the biggest meal I’ve had all day, and I ate it not only because my stomach was finally officially rumbling, but also to be able to take my first Tylenol 3 of the day.

I’ve got 7 Vegetable Soup thawing in the fridge – just took it out of the freezer today. I’ve got some chicken breast tenderloins cooking in the oven to force myself to eat tomorrow.

We’ll see how I’m functioning tomorrow, and whether I can bring myself to eat more than cereal.

Three last things to note:

1) Either it’s seasonal allergies, or 2) I’m getting sick, but there’s a lot of sneezing and thick phlegm going on today. There’s been a lot of phlegm in general for the past week or so. Being a preschool teacher will guarantee that one gets a virus or two or three on a pretty regular basis.

3) My ‘trapped nerve’ in the neck/left shoulder keeps acting up, then settling down, then acting up again, but I’ve refused to continue taking the remaining muscle relaxers. I think there’s 4 left. I’ll take them with Tylenol 3 if the endometriosis pain gets really bad.

Right now, the pain is radiating down the top of my leg nerves, to my knees. So I’m gonna call it a night and layer myself with all manner of heating pads in bed.

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