A note about diction

I need your assistance! I’m having trouble finding innocuous words for my journal titles and entries.

I’ve been trying so hard not to write the words “premenstrual” or “PMS” in my journal titles, because not all the people who subscribe to my blog necessarily want to acknowledge that they are reading about pain in my girl bits.

I tried writing “pre-pain update” but the word “pre-pain” infers “before pain”, which is not the case. I am having pain before the menstrual cycle begins. It’s premenstrual pain. I was just trying to cut out the word “menstrual” so as not to alienate readers right off the bat. But I haven’t figured out how to word it in a less private-sounding manner.

Same thing when I talk about blood – I don’t like to put it in the first two to three paragraphs, because it’s a real turnoff. Some people come to my blog to check in on me because they know I’ve not been feeling well. To start reading immediately about all the gory details of my menstrual cycle as regards the pain – well – let’s just say that it makes people instantly uneasy, and they tune out.

People for example over on LiveJournal will see the first paragraph or so as an excerpt to my journal entries on this site. If one sees the words “premenstrual”, “PMS”, “cycle”, “bleeding”, etc., in the title or excerpt, they are not likely to click through to read the rest of the entry over on this site.

I want to start each journal entry off giving a concise update about my current pain conditions without putting people off immediately. If you have any advice on alternative words and phrases I can use, please let me know!

Thanks! :)

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