Day 6 and 7 of November Hell

This has officially entered into NOT OKAY territory.

I continued to have pelvic pain throughout the day and evening on Sunday. I forgot how much Advil I ingested, but I know I took half a Tylenol 3 Sunday night before going to a friend’s house to hang out.

Yesterday was my first day back to work after missing two and a half days late last week. I bicycled to work, because I was excited to no longer be bedridden, and the cramps and bleeding had gone away. Or so I thought. :(

I experienced intermittent, sharp pain in the low uterus and on the right ovary throughout the day. The pain got really bad when I pedaled hard from work to my psychology appointment (ONE MILE), then pedaled hard to get home (HALF a mile!) so I could make it to my naturopathy appointment in time.

These are short distances I pedaled, on level ground. To be in a lot of pain like that threw me for a loop, but it’s not the first time. It happened to me back on September 20, while bicycling to my psychology appointment after work. I experienced pulling, stabbing pain in my right ovary. The pain lasted for several minutes after I climbed the two flights of stairs to my shrink’s office. Same thing again yesterday, but it was both the low uterus and the right ovary.

I have had the usual “OMG I’M SO TIRED” post-menstrual cycle thing going on, only it’s exacerbated by the fact that we just observed Daylight Saving Time this past weekend. So this fatigue thing will last through the next cycle for me, at least. :(

Last night we hung out at another friend’s house, so we could watch the second episode of The Walking Dead (it’s awesome, btw). Once again, I needed Advil (400mg) and Tylenol 3 (half a pill) to get through the evening. It was much worse to be standing or walking. The pain was likely a 5.5 on the pain scale when it struck throughout the day, spiking to 7 when I was riding my bike. The pain dropped to a 3 on the scale when I was sitting, though every muscle in my body was tense again, steeling against pain.

I got home from the shrink last night and then hopped in my car and drove over to the dispensary to attend my first Naturopathy class. Like most things, I’ll try it once and see how it goes. The naturopathic doctor I saw knows what endometriosis is, and seems confident she can help alleviate some of my pain. She is realistic and knows that the condition is currently without a cure, and very tricky to control. For that, I am retaining her. I like smart doctors who aren’t arrogant or cocky, or who promise me a cure *coughchoke*doctorkateo’hanlan*cough*

This brings us up to today. The pelvic pain is STILL with me. I had intermittent pain throughout the day again, and it got to stabbing level, spiking to a 7, when I ran half a block from my car to my home to catch the FedEx person in time. Once again, standing is worse than sitting. I’m about to head out with my husband for some groceries and supplies based upon my visit to the Naturopath last night, so we’ll see how bad the pain gets. :(

Going back to the Naturopath for a moment – she has several things for women with endometriosis to try. I am sharing these things here for women who do not have a Prop 215 card and/or who cannot afford to see a Naturopath:

  • Drink half your body weight in ounces each day to facilitate elimination.
  • Use castor oil packs over the abdomen and pelvic region every day for 20 minutes (see instructions below).
  • Buy the Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book, by Jessica Black, ND
  • 1oz vitex agnus-castus (chasteberry) twice daily via dropper or mixed into food
  • 15 drops of seroyal chelidonium plex twice daily
  • Seed cycle: From Day 1 of menses to Day 15, take 1tbsp daily of ground flax and ground pumpkin seed. From Day 16 back to Day 1 again, take 1tbsp daily of ground sesame and ground sunflower seed.


To create the castor oil pack, you will need:

  • unbleached, non-dyed cotton, wool or flannel cloth, about 15″ – 20″ in size
  • plastic wrap (or wax paper)
  • glass dish with lid
  • small bath towel
  • hot water bottle or heating pad
  • 6oz castor oil


Directions for the castor oil pack:

  • Pour enough castor oil onto the fabric to saturate the cloth.
  • Lie down and place the oil-saturated cloth directly on skin over treatment area.
  • Castor oil stains! You may wish to cover the saturated fabric with a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper.
  • Place the bath towel over the plastic wrap. If using heat, apply it now (medium warmth).
  • Rest. :) You can rest for 20 mins or leave the pack on overnight.
  • When you are done, store the oil-saturated fabric in a glass container with a lid. The fabric and oil can be used for months this way. Add more castor oil as needed. If you take a break in treatment days, just store the container w/ fabric in the refrigerator.
  • To remove the castor oil from your skin, wash with a solution of 3tbsp baking soda per quart of water. You can use the same solution for washing castor oil out of linens and fabrics. Keep in mind that castor oil WILL stain cloth!

It seems like a lot, but I’ve done a lot more for other regimens, elimination diets, and detoxes/flushes.

It’s one more thing I have to say, “Hey, I tried it.”

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