I listened to myself for once

I did not take Plan B.

My period was only a day late.

Actually, it was on time. My period was a day early last month, so I had revised the next due date from November 2 to November 1, but it arrived anyway on November 2.

The mucosa changed colour to pink Monday afternoon, along with increased anal bleeding, which is so common right before every period.

By late Monday night, I thought I was spotting, but it was so faint and intermittent that I wasn’t sure.

By Tuesday afternoon, I definitely was spotting. It was still intermittent though, and it consisted of dark pinkish-brown debris. This continued all day. I needed 1,200mg Advil gel-caps to get through the day.

It was not until 9pm Tuesday night that the first few drops of dark reddish-brown blood appeared.

I was so exhausted that I wanted to go to bed at 9pm, but I forced myself to shower, first. I fell asleep immediately after my shower.

I woke at 4am in pain, to find that the bleeding had increased. The colour was and remains now a dark red.

I woke three more times before my alarm went off this morning – each time to empty the bladder & uterus.

When my alarm went off at 6:30am, I woke to discover the splitting headache and trapped nerve in my left shoulder had resurfaced. Great. This is what, the fifth time since September 14? I called in sick to work between that pain and the pelvic pain.

I took 1/2 Tylenol 3 and 600mg Advil gel-caps with my breakfast, which consisted of two gluten-free waffles with non-dairy butter, and a chopped banana. I had goat milk to drink.

I tried to go back to bed but was freezing cold, despite the fact that the house was/is at 69°F.
The pain increased, and I could not get comfortable. The pain was a steady gnawing in the low uterus and lower back. No sharp stabs, but the gnawing was enough to drive me crazy. I writhed about and moaned and cried. I was easily an 8.5 on the pain scale. I asked my husband for a full Tylenol 3 pill, and I placed three lidocaine patches on me (left shoulder, low back, low pelvis). I got the lidocaine patches from my neighbor, and I definitely want to ask if my doctor will prescribe them for me.

I passed out within 20 minutes of one and a half Tylenol 3, 600mg Advil and the lidocaine patches, as well as doubled-up blankets and higher setting on the heating pad took effect. I slept for about three hours (waking up 4 times to bathroom) before being rudely awakened for the day by my head teacher texting me with a condescending message about my sub being late to work today. As if it was MY fault! WTF!!!

After this cycle is over, I have an appointment to see my dentist for a jaw splint. It will be the first time in 15 years that I’ve needed to wear one. I blame the high stress of the summer courses, the unfinished homework for the practicum, my first year as a teacher intern, as well as my bed and pillows for the resurfacing of the TMJ that I sustained in a head-on auto accident in 1994. I’d managed the TMJ so well all these years, but it’s all just too much right now. We just got a new bed and pillows a year ago, but one year on already, it’s not the right bed for me. It’s too soft once again.
I also have not had the bulging discs in my neck looked at in 3 years. It’s probably time to have another X-ray or MRI to see if the discs have degenerated further.

As to my mental state, which some have fretted over on my behalf, it is stable. I have been remembering to take No-Flush Niacin every day, along with my other vitamins noted here.
I have been less depressed overall in the past week.

Anxiety remains high, and my shrink just refilled my Lorazepam prescription at a lower dose (.5mg) but I have not started taking it again because I fear it was contributing towards my depression. Still, because my surgery is only 44 days away, I picked up the prescription, because in the days just before surgery, I know I will need the anti-anxiety medication.

I am guessing that the minor delay in my period, as well as the intense pain on the first day, is related to either me eating red meat (steak and ham) on several occasions this past month, and/or due to the amount of corn-syrup-ladden candy I consumed over this past Halloween weekend. It’s not something I do all the time, of course, but I do have my lapses.

5:26pm Edit:
I’ve taken Tylenol 3 continuously today:
around 8am (half pill)
around 8:40am (whole pill)
around 2pm (whole pill)
around 5pm (whole pill)

Despite that, I’ve been at 7 or higher on the pain scale all day today. The pain right now is much sharper than it has been all day. No longer only gnawing with molars, now its using its canines, too!

I still have on the same lidocaine patches from this morning and am thinking about renewing them. I also have been gifted almond oil from my same neighbor – I can try massaging that in and see if it helps.

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