Premenstrual pain status update

I had moderate to debilitating pain for two solid days this week – Monday and Tuesday November 22 and 23. Then by the 24th, the pain subsided, only picking back up again around 3pm when I did stretching exercises with my students. At that point, the pain stayed with me for the rest of the day. I needed half a Tylenol 3 around 8pm, and I took the other half around 11pm.

Despite the pain, I was in “Let’s get shit done” mode, because it was the eve of Thanksgiving. I wiped down the baseboards in the kitchen and bathroom, made cranberry sauce, made two dozen gluten-free cookies, and made gluten-free pie crust before turning in for the night around 1am.




On Thursday, I experienced no pelvic pain at all!! I was therefore able to enjoy a full day of food overindulgence with friends.

Looking back at the past seven days, I can see that the debilitating pain I had was CLEARLY dyspareunia. I was intimate with my husband on Sunday, and the pain followed for two straight days afterward, before starting to clear up. And that is how it goes – that is the behaviour with dyspareunia.

We are heading into Friday, now. My period is due on Saturday. It may be on time or it may be late. Right now I am not experiencing any symptoms, thank [insert deity here].

We’ll see what the weekend holds for me!

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