Wait For It…

Here we are, once again, with the waiting game, and all the uncertainties of moment-to-moment planning.

I could blame it on all the sugar and alcohol (sake) I’ve consumed over the past four days. I could blame it on the blasted endometriomas on both ovaries. I could blame it on being stressed out by work, unfinished summer school homework, and my upcoming surgery. I could blame it on me being 39 years old. I could blame it on the overall illness itself: endometriosis.

But the fact remains that George was due on Saturday, and there’s still no flow, yet.

It’s the same thing I’ve ranted about, before:

I feel like I’m in limbo whenever my period is late. I go through each minute of each day knowing I should have been bedridden already. I’d already planned for the time off work. I’d already stocked up on groceries and tried to prep the house for my descent to the underworld. And then george is a no-show and I’m left biding my time, Waiting For It.
I’m in that special hell where I cannot exert myself too much because it causes pain…but I’m not in debilitating pain. And I’m super tired – I want to sleep all day and all night. And yet because there is no constant gnawing pain and/or bleeding going on, I feel like I’m expected to BE somewhere and DO something productive. But my body isn’t up for it. But my mind is restless. So the guilt sets in. I have video blogged about the guilt before, but it’s so hard to LEARN the lesson and just be okay with whatever my cycle is doing – just roll with it.


And now, the TMI part. It’s for science! It’s for education! It’s because there is no owner’s manual so I try to create it as I go!

On Saturday, I experienced low back and pelvic pain throughout the day – I was at a 3.5 on the pain scale for much of the day. It was annoying pain, but not debilitating. My mid to upper back kept trying to seize up, though, and this got worse by 10pm, when my vaginal mucosa changed from clear to pinkish. I contemplated taking a Tylenol 3, but I’m running low on it, so I didn’t take any. I did however consume 1,200mg of ibuprofen that day.

This morning (Sunday) I began spotting – it is dark brown and sticky, which is why I’m blaming all the sugar and alcohol intake. The spotting never ramped up the entire day, but the pain has been like a yo-yo. I took a total of 1,200mg ibuprofen again, and ate half a Tylenol 3 during the afternoon, which surprisingly made me quite loopy when I ran some errands with my husband. Thankfully, he was the one driving!

I was hoping that since I’ve been in moderate pain for the past week that I could at least have had my period by now, but noooooooo. The spotting that was happening has since disappeared since my shower this evening.

I’m setting my alarm for the usual time tomorrow, because I have no idea if I’ll be in any shape to go in to work or not. Had everything happened on time yesterday, I’d have spent half of yesterday in bed, all of today in bed already, and would be on Day 3 by tomorrow already. But noooooo. I get to start off at Day 1, Take Two, tomorrow.

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