Second Laparoscopy: Day 12 post-op

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I had diarrhea first thing in the morning, twice. I experienced shooting pains in the abdomen right after.

It calmed down, so I ate some rice chex and some chicken broth. The cramps started up again and I had another round of diarrhea.

This continued a couple more times, and I was freezing cold, despite the house being 71°F.

I took a nap on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, then got up and drank some Boost. I had another round of diarrhea and stomach cramping.

I was drinking water to stay hydrated, but I did not have any further water because we stepped out to run an errand. The errand took over an hour, and about half way through, I had to squeeze my butt cheeks together to avoid crapping myself. When we got home, I had immense diarrhea again.

I have had a headache all day, worsening after I ate gluten-free mac ‘n cheese for a late lunch.

But the good news is that all my blood work came back normal. It was difficult to feel relieved or convinced by that news, given how awful I felt.

I took another nap for over an hour, again bundled up in a blanket on the couch with the heating pad and the heater fan on me. I was still cold, so I cocooned myself. My cat joined me as he often does when I cocoon myself. He laid on my belly, but did not disturb my incisions, and we both slept.

When I woke from my nap, I had to use the bathroom, and was happy that I didn’t have a bowel movement or diarrhea. I guess it had settled down. I was hungry again so I drank another Boost and ate some jello.

The diarrhea has not been back for the rest of the day.

Reading back through my post-op recovery from 2007, I had TMJ issues resurface from all the meds I was on. It didn’t help with the migraines, of course. This time, I have been having TMJ issues since about September. At first, I blamed it on all the stress of school. Now I wonder if it’s due to the Smart Meters that were installed sometime in August or September. Those things are nothing but trouble, and I am EMF sensitive.

I was still having trouble with solid foods at Day 9 last time. By Day 11, I still had a sore throat and was still trying to heal up the scraped gums from the anesthesia blade. This time around, the solid foods thing is still an issue, even at Day 12, but the sore throat went away by about Day 3 or Day 4.

Firsts for Day 12:

  • I was able to slowly march around the house to get some leg lift exercise.
  • I was able to swing my arms and do slow side twists, but it hurt after about a minute.
  • I was able to wear a bra and sweatpants all day.
  • I can plop down onto the couch, the car seat or the bed.


I also accomplished some more walking, and I have been sleeping flat for the past three days.

Oh, and I have not had any Tylenol 3 since December 27 because of the fear of liver problems. I’m on Ibuprofen only.

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