Second Laparoscopy: Day 13 post-op

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Around 1am, I asked my husband if he’d like to go for a late-night stroll with me, since we were both up. He said yes, and off we went. We walked the same path I’d walked the other day, only this time, I was not on any pain medication. I had taken Ibuprofen only once on December 28, and twice on December 29. It was the wee hours of December 30 when I wrote this.

Along with the half-mile loop, we added a second round-the-block loop, which came out to a whole mile when I looked it up on Google maps. Go me! Last time I walked outside, my lower back hurt quite a lot. This time, it was the knees and buttocks that hurt the most. Even the calves hurt a bit.

I’m going to bed now, but when I wake, my goal for the day will be to climb and down the stairs attached to the front of the split Victorian I live in.

I had gone to bed close to 2am and woke up 8 and a half hours later with stinging pain in the abdomen. Urinating didn’t help. I think it is just that I still can’t lay around for that long – my body needs to be moved around. Also, I tried sleeping on my right side that morning and it was too painful to relax all the connective tissue and muscles to successfully fall back to sleep that way.

I drank Boost first thing in the morning and had diarrhea right after. Hmmm.

I had no diarrhea for the rest of the day but had one more instance of loose stool – it was solid but you know what I mean.

Firsts for Day 13:

  • I wore underwear for the first time (I’d been wearing the hospital “fishnet” underwear this whole time because even my own undies were too constricting on the incision points).
  • I walked up and down the stairs twice!
  • I stayed on my feet for much of the day.
  • I had a lot of energy all day, only waning once, but I did not require a nap.
  • I was able to sneeze at full force without hurting.


I medicated before stair climbing – I took 400mg Ibuprofen. After I was half way up the staircase the second time, the pelvic pain began. Although I have to say the sharpest pain was actually in my knees, because I’d been sitting or laying or reclining for the past 13 days. My knees are usually painful and crunchy, but on Day 13 they hurt more than usual.
Still, I made it back down the stairs and took some more Ibuprofen (400mg).

The rest of the day saw me active as well, even though I had bouts with the pelvic pain and had continued knee pain all day.

The rain had stopped and the sun was out, but it was cold and windy all day. Still, I walked to the corner store and back, and my husband drove me to three more stores that day, looking for something for a gift to my co-workers.

In the evening, my husband stepped out for a band meeting, and I had the place to myself. I turned out all the lights, fired up the faery lights and some candles, and put on my favourite music. I had quite a cheerful time of it, just hanging out online with friends, chatting with my chosen sister, and filing some paperwork.

When my husband got home, we had an interesting text session with a drunken friend in Seattle, which turned into a hilarious speaker phone call. I accused our friend of trying to pop my glue plugs, I was laughing so hard. We totally captured the audio and plan to embarrass him with it when next we see him.

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