Second Laparoscopy: Day 3 post-op

Monday, December 20, 2010

By the third day post op, I was able to stay awake for 3-5 hours at a time, and I had to nap for 1 to 1.5 hours at a time.

Around quarter to nine in the morning, I took my temperature. I had been feeling feverish since Sunday night, so I took my temperature and it was 100°F. Hence, taking the temp again in the morning. The glass thermometer read 100.2F, the temporal therm read 99.3F, and the digital oral therm read 99.3F. I thought glass was the most reliable, though. I asked friends’ advice, which really didn’t come back definitive. So I called and left a message with my surgeon’s office. I never did hear back that day.

Around 9:30am, I had diarrhea. Finally, some movement after all evening yesterday suffering with gas that would not exit. The bowel movement happened right after I had a tablespoon of Miralax with my cream of rice and mango cereal.

I took my first shower that afternoon. Note to self, have a meal and tylenol 3 *before* the shower.

Even though I had a shower seat (graciously given to me by my psychologist, who suffers from Crohns Disease) and I had help stepping into and out of the shower, the cramps and mid-back pain still ramped up after my shower. I was so happy to have had a shower, though! No regrets! I was excited to finally change my clothes. I got to wear the new footie pajamas with the drop drawer in back. Turns out the drop drawer doesn’t go as low as I needed, or else my body is all the wrong proportions for those jammies. But it worked out – it did the trick.

Freshly showered and footie pajamas!

Freshly showered and footie pajamas!

I tempted fate and had a baked brown rice tortilla topped with goat cheese and mushrooms for lunch! These are what I call my pizzas.

I tempted fate again and had Saag Paneer with some rice and a mango lassi for dinner!

It felt soooo good emotionally to have solid food.

However, after eating each meal, the pain under the diaphragm returned, because of the stomach being too full yet for my innards to cope well.
I bitched about it on facebook:
“The residual carbon dioxide in my body is REALLY pissing me off. I hurt a lot. :( Walking as much as I can to relieve the pressure build-up.: – December 20 at 3:36pm  
“Although what is hilarious is that my cat Kiki is following closely behind me wherever I walk in the house. Cutest thing ever!” – December 20 at 3:42pm

Monday was Winter Solstice, so I lit lanterns in all of our windows. It was still raining all day for days.

Solstice lantern - kitchen

Solstice lantern - kitchen

Solstice lantern - computer room

Solstice lantern - computer room

That night, we watched the lunar eclipse from our front door! How exciting to know that this was the first total lunar eclipse on Winter Solstice in 372 years! We watched the first half of the eclipse before my body gave out – I experienced debilitating neck pain from looking up (damned bulging discs), and bad pelvic pain from all the standing in the cold misty rain. The next morning, I watched this cool time-lapse video to see the rest of the eclipse.

On Day 3 post-op, I went through 7 Tylenol 3 pills. I had started trying to take one every three to five hours instead of two pills, but it didn’t really work out. Each pill was staggered by half an hour, though, which is a start.

I had started having crazy dreams and nightmares from the Tylenol 3 as of Day 2 post-op. I kept meaning to write down the dreams…alas, I forgot.

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