Second Laparoscopy: Day 4 post-op

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I ate leftover Saag Paneer for lunch. Next follows TMI, but it’s important to note for the post-op recovery process.


Are you ready?


I had my first solid bowel movement. The gas pains leading up to it hurt like hell, stung, had me crying.
This played out the same way as last time – the poop would not come out. I had to breathe and focus and try not to force it.
I sat on the toilet for quite some time. Finally, I passed gas twice, which shot out some solid waste, then the movement itself, which was long and tightly packed.

Around 10pm, I had stinging pain in the lower pelvic region – it felt like bladder pain. That, combined with moderate low back pain, meant that it hurt to take deep breaths.

My meds had lapsed again, so I took a Tylenol 3 and waited. I took my temp – 99.9°F on glass therm, 99.6°F on the temporal therm. After 11pm, I took my temp again. It was still near 100°F, so I called the surgeon’s office.
The surgeon’s assistant called back by midnight and sounded condescending and impatient with me. She said it’s all in the normal range. She stated that she doesn’t care that my normal temp is 97.5°F – it’s all still in the normal range of temperature and pain, she says.
After talking for a bit, she relented and said she’d call in Cipro (antibiotic) for me, in case I have a UTI going on. I swear, these doctors. It’s like pulling teeth.

Physically, I was still up and walking around the house and doing my prescribed breathing exercises throughout the day. I was still shuffling rather than a striding walk. It hurt like hell to get up or settle back down into a chair, onto the couch or into bed. My husband often had to help me lift my right leg and put it where I needed it to go, because it was too painful for me to do it myself.

Medication-wise, I was still on Tylenol 3 every few hours, but I was no longer taking two pills together at a time. Actually, I’d stopped doing that two days after surgery. I wasn’t even taking two Tylenol 3 within an hour of each other. I’d say that Day 4 post-op was my best day so far. I took Tylenol 3 at 12:30am, 7am, 12pm, 5:30pm, 5:50pm and 9:54pm. The only time the pain got really bad was in the evening, when I took two doses of the Tylenol 3 twenty minutes apart.

Recovery was going really well.

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