Second Laparoscopy: Day 5 post-op

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I was still running a 99.9°F fever. I was still experiencing moderate low back pain. I still had bladder pain. My urine output was very good, but the hesitancy had returned.

Day 5 was the first time I had a ten hour lapse in medication dosage. My last dose had been 1 Tylenol 3 at 1:30am, and I didn’t take any more pills until 11:30am because I was officially tired of all the Tylenol 3. This did not serve me well, however, and by 11:30am I was near tears with the pain. By 12pm I was sobbing due to being overly emotional in general and being in pain combined.

My husband had been in a foul mood since the previous night because it’s his annual depression time (every year around the time of Christmas/his birthday he gets depressed), and because the layoff is hitting him hard emotionally. This in turn affected my emotional state and I broke down sobbing and cursing his employer, and urging my husband to just pretend to have uplifted spirits right now because I must lean on him so heavily during my surgery recovery.

That afternoon, I went for a walk and hung out outside with a friend for about an hour in 55°F degree weather, which felt warmer than it has in days due to some humidity and dark cloud cover.

The scent of midwest spring was in the air. It was nice. However, the cramps ramped back up in that hour, and I had to go back inside because my bladder was screaming at me. I went to the bathroom and discovered I was bleeding dark red with debris and clots.

My headaches, which I had forgotten to detail in earlier posts, returned.
Suddenly, I was light-headed and starving. I hadn’t eaten anything but jello and 3 small gluten-free pancakes and some broth a few hours before my little trip outside, so I made some gluten-free mac ‘n cheese and drank some coconut water and some electrolyte water. I took 400mg ibuprofen – Day 5 post-op was the first time I took Ibuprofen since a week before surgery.

On Day 5 post-op, I noticed that there were things I could do by day 2 post-op without causing debilitating pain:

  • yawn
  • shift weight while standing
  • shower


I also noticed that there were things I could do by day 3 post-op without causing debilitating pain:

  • lightly blow my nose
  • gently stretch to stand at my full height


Things I could do by day 5 post-op without causing debilitating pain was cry, and I seemed to do a lot of crying that day.

Lastly, I noticed that there were things that were the same as my last post-op experience:

  • moderate to heavy fatigue
  • still on mushy foods / liquids diet
  • still an effort to get up, walk, sit or lay down
  • still can’t cough, laugh, sneeze, suddenly lean forward while sitting, sit up from laying position, plop down, roll over on my side, nearly drop something and impulsively try to catch it, burp, hiccup, walk any faster than a shuffle
  • headaches and eye pain


Despite the good healing progress, it still felt like a step back – Day 5 felt more like Day 3 again for me. The bleeding, debris and cramps had me concerned, but at the same time, I was told to keep moving and being active after surgery. I didn’t feel like I’d ruptured anything, so this must be normal. But ouch…

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