Second Laparoscopy: Day 6 post-op

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I had my third emotional breakdown in 24 hours, when the surgeon’s office called to say the assistant surgeon left my disability paperwork in my patient records at the hospital. I never heard my phone ring so by the time I called back just after noon, the surgeon’s office was closed for the holiday weekend.

I called the main line at my surgeon’s office, and I also called the nurse who had left me a message, and I left messages but never heard back.

I called the hospital and they said I have to fill out and snail mail a form to release my information, and that they’d have it to me in 10-15 days.

For some reason, I had it in my head that the disability paperwork was due no later than 11 days after becoming disabled, so that’s when I had a full on nuclear meltdown and sobbed for what felt like an hour.

On Day 5 post-op, I sobbed because my husband was in a bad mood over his upcoming birthday (he gets into this funk every year, and every year I forget that he gets into this funk). He is also in mourning over the loss of his job two days before my surgery, so he’s depressed as hell. I’m super empathic to begin with, and I needed him to be my everything for support right now, so I broke down as well.

Earlier that morning on Day 5, I cried while watching my own endometriosis video about my surgery. I just sat there and sobbed, because I actually went through with the surgery that I didn’t want to go through until next June. As a result of doing the surgery now, there were complications as I had feared, so I was full of “I should have…”

In brighter news, I took my first unassisted shower on Day 5, but I had to nap afterward. I was a good girl and took the Tylenol 3 before the shower. After the shower, I was a brave girl and went for a car ride with my husband (he drove my car this time, at my request). The bumpy roads were easier – I did not cry – but they were still hell at times on my innards. We went to my workplace so I could pick up some cards left for me, then we went to Mariposa Bakery for some gluten-free goodies and an almond milk mocha, and then we went to Whole Foods to get some vitamin D3.
I’d been having a hell of a time finding D3 again, and that day, my friend said he’d located some at Whole Foods with no soy ingredients. Every other place near my home has the D3 with soy, now. While at Whole Foods, we also found a cotton flannel unbleached cloth specifically for castor oil packs that my naturopath recommended, and we found vitamin A with the ingredient my naturopath requested. So that turned out to be fruitful shopping.

While we were out, the bleeding ramped up to the point where it now looked like my usual period. This alarmed me at first, but then I realised that had I not had surgery, my period would have been due this day, anyway. I called the hospital and left a message inquiring about it.

We got home and the gas company was there waiting for us – I had called two days prior about a droning noise which had been going on since August or September. PG&E said they’d be out sometime on Thursday, and that we didn’t need to be home. However, once they were at our home, they found that the earthquake alarm on the gas meters was hooked up incorrectly or something, and in order to do any work on the meters, they had to shut off gas to all the apartments in the house. PG&E called me to tell me they’d be at our house til 6pm, and if they missed us, to just call them back out to hook up the gas again. We got home at a quarter to six, and saw two trucks and a gaggle of PG&E guys were on our block, hanging out. The moment we entered the door and turned our light on, we heard a guy call out, “Hey! They’re home!”
The head dude came right over to us and told us that noise was in fact found on three of the six meters, and that on one of the meters, it was so loud that it reminded him of a car with exhaust issues! So they fixed all that. They came in and lit the pilot lights to our gas stove and wall furnace, and that was that. :)

Day 5, Thursday night, my husband bought us Thai food. I ate seafood curry for dinner. mmmm, foooooood.

I had a bowel movement after dinner, but was still constipated. By that point, I was using butt cream. I took some more Miralax after dinner and had to go again. I took 2 calcium/magnesium pills and a vitamin D3 right before hitting the bathroom. I was still constipated. :(
The bowel movement was very thick, long and paste-like, just the same as it was on Day 4 post-op. After all the pain and pushing, I sat for a moment and had to go again. This time it was much softer. I was glad I took a Tylenol 3 and 400mg ibuprofen for the pain, but I wished I’d taken it sooner than right before I had to go.

Total bowel movements that evening was 4, and as a result I had muscle spams on the left side from pushing so hard. :(

Weather-wise, the rain had subsided for us a bit on Day 6, which lent toward our being able to go out of the house for a bit without me being afraid of slipping on wet pavement.

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