Second Laparoscopy: Day 23 post-op

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It was my husband’s 40th birthday, and he had planned to go to breakfast and then wine tasting all day. I had recently gotten news that my car was leaking brake fluid, so the driving was left up to my husband – unless we rented a car for me to drive. Upon checking, none of the car rental places save for the airport were open on a Sunday. I was ready to pursue this angle, but commented that my husband would have to pay for the rental, since I’ve been out of work for almost a month.

His reply was that if it was okay with me, he’d like to take our chances with my car.

I was NOT happy. I protested. I grumbled. I caved in. I remained NOT HAPPY.

I drove him to breakfast, and two friends joined us. I was very delighted to be able to hold down leaded coffee with cream, a scramble consisting of home fries, tomatoes, spinach, green onions and cow’s milk cheese. I also had some sliced bananas to go with the almond-milk vanilla pudding I’d brought with me in the event that I could not eat anything on the menu. Quite a yummy brekkie I had!

The birthday boy surrounded by friends!

The birthday boy surrounded by friends!

The birthday boy with friend and wife!

The birthday boy with friend and wife!


We sussed out wine tasting route and caravan plans, and off we went. On our way back to the car, my husband stepped in dog poop. To ensure his entire day was not ruined, I took the job of jovial and optimistic and helpful Wife. Sticking his boot in mud encased the poop for the short term, until he could address the issue later. Disaster averted, but ooops, we lost one of our caravan to impatience. We tried to warn her that the first winery was difficult to get to…

As expected, we and our friend who did follow behind us got to the winery with no sign of friend #2.
Good Wife phoned friend #2, who was in an agitated panic over being lost, and calmly guided her to me as I walked perhaps a third of a mile. Once retrieved, I hopped into her car and guided her to the parking lot, allowing her to vent in her red-headed way that I so often do myself (being a red head).
I was even able to convince her, after a few drinks, to join us in my car for further wine tasting. I got my exercise in for sure – getting into and out of my go-kart of a car all day and walking to and from wineries. I was moderately tired all day. The day was beautifully sunny, even though it was still very cold for me. The wind did not help matters. I do not thrive in 50°F weather. I’m comfortable in upper 60s to low 70s. That’s my range.

We didn’t die that day. No brake failure, which of course made me feel SUPER guilty for bailing on my teacher seminar the day before.

Firsts for Day 23:

  • I drove my car all day, getting into and out of car repeatedly.
  • My face and neck did not rash out with all the red wine and port I was trying, and I had not taken a Benadryl!



  • I experienced stabbing, searing bladder pain/urgency whenever my bladder was full. This was possibly due to sulfites in the wines I was tasting.
  • I was still experiencing loose stool from the previous day’s coconut oil overdose.
  • Since I am no longer in continual pain, I forget that there are things I still cannot do without causing pain; jumping, hip-checking car door or the front door to make sure it’s closed.


What I did for pain management was sit down often. I noticed that when standing at a bar, I stand to one side and sort of lean into the bar. Being post-op, this hurt a lot, and yet I could not stop myself from assuming that stance. So I would find a folding chair and sit down away from the bar. This meant I did not get the full range of wine tasting, but I rarely go for the whole range, anyway. I’m very partial to only certain reds.

January Birthday buddies wine tasting as I sit and rest.

January Birthday buddies wine tasting as I sit and rest.


After we got back into town and dropped our friend off at her car, we headed home to drop off some goodies my husband had purchased on our wine tasting trip, and then we went out to dinner. We were starving, and to my happy joy, there was something on the menu that I could eat Рbaked salmon with mashed potatoes and saut̩ed spinach! It was divine.

Birthday dinner with hubby at Speisekammer

Birthday dinner with hubby at Speisekammer


The day ended on a sour note when we arrived home and I went to use the bathroom and stepped in cat pee. I began the usual line of questioning – was it because we had a friend over on Saturday who owns big dogs? Is my cat’s renal condition worsening? Was he mad at us for being gone for long stretches of time over the weekend? Does he have a bladder infection?
Alas. Only thing to do was to clean up the pee and monitor the cat’s behaviour again. Never a happy job. We’d gone weeks before he started up again. It’s always something different it seems.

Second Laparoscopy: Day 22 post-op

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I have lost about 7lbs since surgery, because I was on the BRAT diet for an extended time due to continuing digestive tract issues after surgery. I am convinced these lingering issues are because my mesentery received blunt force trauma at time of surgery.

I think that part of my problem with bending forward and the pain kicking back up is because of the loose flesh from the weight drop. I tried wearing a back support belt in hopes of improving mobility, but all it served to do was irritate my abdominal muscles further.

It does not help the fact that I drank alcohol again the night previous, to the point of getting drunk. I did not black out, but this is the third time in a week that I had consumed alcohol. First it was just a few ounces on New Year’s Eve, then it was a glass and a half of wine and two or three drinks at the Tiki bar for a friend’s birthday, and then last night it was three strong vodka and 7-Up drinks at another friend’s birthday party. If the alcohol isn’t bad enough, I broke my “no corn syrup” rule with the 7-Up.

I was supposed to attend a teacher seminar but I was not feeling up for it, and I did not want to drive my car, because I’d just found out a few days earlier that it was leaking brake fluid. I’d taken the car in to get a low tire looked at – turns out there was a nail in the tire…AGAIN. And then they found the leaking brake fluid.

Anyway, I was not feeling up to going to the teacher event. I was really tired (likely due to being hungover), and I was melancholy because it was the death date of my cousin Andy, who died seven years ago in a fiery crash. I spent the day creating a photo memorial for my cousin, and continuing work on the first semester teacher self-evaluation, which apparently consists of 98735087435023948753 questions.

Diet-wise, I put myself back on the BRAT diet, because of the stupid hangover. Ugh.

Saturday night, my friend Elezar came over – he’d just flown in earlier that day for work, and so I told him to come join us for dinner. When my husband got home from an all-day gaming event with his friends, we all walked over to , where more friends greeted us. We gave my husband a very nice pre-birthday dinner party. To my absolute glee, I was able to stuff my face with sushi and not have any ill consequence. HOORAY for room in the gut finally returning! HOORAY for things healing up inside!

After dinner, we walked up the street to our favourite ice cream joint, and I tested the waters with some cow’s milk ice cream and two lactaid pills. Sadly, I still get stomach gurgles and had to pass a lot of gas. I didn’t have much hope that the lactose intolerance would have gone away with the so-called gastrointestinal reboot from surgery. :/

Once we finished our ice cream, we all parted ways, and I wanted to fall into bed after such a long day, but that was sadly not an option for me. See, it was my husband’s birthday weekend, and he had plans to go to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. Everybody else had bailed…and that left just me. So we went.

We stood in the near freezing cold for over a half an hour to get in the theatre. When I say near freezing cold, I mean it – it’s not just me being a whiny Californian. It was roughly 36°F outside, and I had on a knee-length skirt with stripey tights and Converse shoes, which have no proper insulation on the soles. I swear I thought my feet and toes were going to get frostbitten. They really did sting!

When we finally gained admittance to the theatre, it took another half hour before everything got started and all the show virgins were dealt with.
I was cold, uncomfortable, and tired. But I did remember a few lines and I did laugh several times, so it wasn’t all bad.

I cannot even remember what time we got home – I pretty much dove into bed and slept.

Medication-wise, I do not think I took any meds that day.

Exercise for that day – I will say shivering to death for most of the day counted, cuz seriously, I was starving again after the Rocky Horror show. I’d shivered so much that I’d burnt up all the calories!

Second Laparoscopy: Day 20 and Day 21 post-op

Day 20: Thursday, January 6, 2011

I swear, all I wrote on my notes for that day was that I was able to lay on my stomach for half an hour while I napped. I was really tired all day that day. I don’t remember anything else. That’s what happens when I get behind by almost a week!

Day 21: Friday, January 7, 2011
I had lots of energy that day, and used it to get some paperwork done, work on my first semester self-evaluation report, and to get some exercise in.

At 2pm, I climbed the stairs to the split Victorian house we live in. I climbed the stairs three times! The pain hit once I got up to the top of the stairs the third time, so I called it a day for exercise. Sadly, I experienced increased pain and discharge within 10 minutes of stair climbing. :(
I took 600mg Ibuprofen for the pain.

Despite the cramping from the stair climbing, I began feeling guilty for missing work, even though I still had the entire next week slated to be off work. I was itching to get back and I was feeling like I was milking this whole time off thing. So I called my head teacher after she’d gone home for the day, and spoke with her. I also phoned the director on her cell phone. I even spoke with the school secretary. All three of ’em said I need to take the time off to let my body heal up, and not come back to work too soon and risk injuring my surgical incisions or worse, tearing anything inside.
We agreed that because my return date was the same date that my next period is due, that I would also err on the side of caution and take part of, if not all of that week off, too. That means I’m off work for six weeks instead of four. Of course, six weeks is what my surgeon wanted me off work for, anyway. I am the one who originally thought three to four weeks would be sufficient.

Taking more time off work brings up my old PTSD issue, because after my first surgery, I was fired from a job when they thought I’d be ‘cured’, even though I told them from before surgery, after surgery and each time they brought it up that there is no cure for my condition, and that surgery is not a guarantee for pain relief. All we can ever do is hope for the best. Endometriosis is brutal. It sucks. It’s not fair. IT’S NOT MY FAULT THAT I WAS BORN WITH IT.


Friday night, my husband and I went to a nightclub to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was the first time I’d set foot inside a nightclub, but not a bar, since surgery. The bar was on January 4 for another friend’s birthday. This night, it would be a full on dance club venue, and I would be tempted to see if my body could dance.
We got there and the music was nothing I’d like to dance to, anyway. My husband took my coat upstairs to coat check, and I hung out with friends and acquaintances until he returned. Because I didn’t really know anyone, naturally I wanted a drink. Old habits never die. I ended up getting pretty drunk that night. This is the third time I’d had alcohol since surgery.
I didn’t make an ass out of myself or anything, but I do feel guilty that I drank so much. I was indeed a bit hungover the next day.

?, My husband, me, Caroline

?, My husband, me, Caroline.

Sharon and me

Sharon and me

Second Laparoscopy: Day 19 post-op

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My husband and I got up at 6:30am for my post-op appointment after another night of 6 or less hours of sleep.

That day, we spent sun up til sun down out of the house.

First, we went to the post-op appointment, where thankfully I did not have to be subjected to a pelvic exam. I was freezing cold, despite wearing a long sleeved shirt, a sweat shirt with a hood, a long skirt and loose-fitting leggings. Nurse Jessie gave me a warm blanket, which helped slightly. Nurse Jessie is always such a sweetheart.
When Dr. Giudice came in, I brought up my concerns about still being quite tired, still having diarrhea every day and sometimes a few times a day, still being tender to the touch on the right side, and the fact that my fingernails were still tinged pink and translucent at the ends.
Dr. G asked if I’d like to get another blood workup done, to which I replied, “didn’t you get the blood work from last week??” The surgeon and her assistant, Dr. Wang, exchanged glances. Dr. Wang stammered out that someone had seen the blood work report and had said everything turned out alright.
My surgeon asked again if I’d like more blood work. I asked her to review the blood work I just did eight days previous, and if she felt that another round was necessary, then I’d do it. Honestly, I was tired of being stuck so much and I knew it was costing me a lot of money on top of the overnight hospital stay. Dr. G said they’d have another look at it, but she was sure I was healing up alright.

After my post-op appointment, we walked in search of breakfast, and settled on a falafel joint near the hospital. This was the second day in a row that I ate hummus without my body complaining! I began thinking that perhaps all I needed was a reboot to the gastrointestinal tract to be able to tolerate foods once again.
I’m hoping I will continue to tolerate anything in the bean family again from here on out.

After breakfast, my husband drove us to the beach, and we watched the Pacific Ocean for awhile.

Fresh from post-op appt and full of breakfast!

Fresh from post-op appt and full of breakfast!

Approaching Ocean Beach, SF

Approaching Ocean Beach, SF

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

It was fracking cold!

It was fracking cold!

So glad to be near my precious ocean!

So glad to be near my precious ocean!

My dear sweet husband, my superhero

My dear sweet husband, my superhero

Love :)

Love :)


After walking on the beach and enduring the cold wind for a bit, we checked out the view of the old Sutro Bath ruins, and then we drove back across town to get to my hair appointment. My friend cut my hair – she’s the only person I let touch my hair anymore, and as usual, she did a fabulous job! I am so happy to be rid of all the haystacky old dyed split ends.

At the Sutro bath ruins again, but with new haircut!

At the Sutro bath ruins again, but with new haircut!

Back home after a day out, showing off new hair cut!

Back home after a day out, showing off new hair cut!


Once we were done with the hair appointment, we went next door to a thrift store, and I bought a loose-fitting skirt for work. I’ll be wearing lots of loose fitting skirts in the coming weeks while my belly finishes healing up. This is how it went after the last surgery, too.

My husband began to sugar crash at this point, and I was hungry, too, so we called it a day and made our way back home. I drank a Boost protein drink and we ate some Rice Chex cereal I’d brought along.
Despite being so tired, my husband wanted to take the scenic route home – along the ocean. We visited the view above the Sutro bath ruins again, watched the sun begin to set and several ships sailing in from the horizon towards the golden gate bridge.

It was around this time that I had checked in with my Facebook addiction and found out that my Internet friend and endometriosis sister J had lost her newborn baby. I cried out OH NO! I just sat there with my phone in my hand, limp, staring into my lap. I shed some tears. The last sutro ruins photo of me showing off my new haircut does not have the same intensity smile as my other photos that day, because my friend was weighing so heavily on my mind at that minute. She’d only had her little one for 13 days when the newborn died overnight. Such a tragedy – she tried so hard for that baby.

And that’s how the day ended – on a somber and reflective note. We watched the sun set and the ships sail in as we took the ocean highway route down to the San Mateo bridge, and then back up along the East Bay back to our home.

Firsts for Day 19:

  • I was able to stay active and out of the house from sun up til sun down!
  • I was able to lay on my right side without thinking about it, and there was no pain.
  • I was able to eat hummus (it’s in the bean family) with no food sensitivity repercussions, two days in a row!

Second Laparoscopy: Day 18 post-op

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I woke up at 6:45am and got ready for a psychiatric appointment. Since I had been out with my husband last night, this meant that I got 6 hours of sleep when I’d been so used to 8 solid hours, so I was really tired.

Outside it was so cold that there was frost on my car windows. I’m glad I’ve kept my snow scraper with me all these years after having moved from Michigan! It came in real handy that day.

After scraping ice off half the windshield

After scraping ice off half the windshield


It doesn’t snow at ground level in the Bay Area, but every winter does bring some frost on the ground and on the cars. After scraping and warming up my car, I successfully drove to my appointment, but was late because parking was stupid. The meters in two out of the three places I tried to park were not working correctly. Finally I parked and went inside the building. They have an elevator, so I used that rather than brave the stairs first thing in the morning. My mid back was already stiff and sore from getting into my little Neon, driving, and getting out of the car again. Any time I have to twist side to side for anything, the pain ramps back up again.

My psychiatrist still wants me to try Abilify. She’s been pushing this on me since September, 2010 and I’ve been too afraid to try it because of all the side effects. She offered to get me an even smaller prescription dose than she gave me in September (which is still sitting in the cabinet), and she said while I’m off work already, this should be the best time to try the Abilify to see if I will have side effects.

My rationale states that I want to be alert to any possible surgical side effects FIRST. I don’t want to try to figure out if my mood or whatnot is caused by EITHER surgery OR the Abilify. Too much on my plate, y’know?

After I got out of the psychiatry appointment, I decided to take the stairs down instead of using the elevator. There were three flights of stairs. I took it slowly, but by the time I reached the bottom, sure enough I had pelvic cramping going on.

When I got home, despite being in pain, I wanted to get some housework done, so I tackled laundry. I slowly loaded up my laundry basket with two loads’ worth of dirty clothes, and then scooted the basket over to a waiting luggage cart. I finagled the basket up onto the luggage cart and secured it, then towed the laundry basket out to the back of the house where the laundry room is.

After the first load washed and I had put it into the dryer and the second load into the wash, I took a nap, because all of that had worn me out. I set out 600mg Advil and a half Tylenol 3 for the pain, but then refused to take the meds all day because I’m stubborn like that.
I slept for nearly an hour.

After my nap, I was still really tired, but I brought in my laundry and just let it sit (folded) in the basket. I threw myself together to go join a friend for her birthday dinner. We were late, which made me feel bad, but it all worked out. She was at a Mediterranean restaurant, and since I still have not reintroduced solid meat to my diet, there was very little I could eat. The waiter cobbled together a vegetable plate for me, consisting of sliced asparagus and bell peppers, and I used those to dip into the Hummus. I also drank red wine for the first time since before surgery. I was happy to have the wine because my social anxiety was spiking again. There were only five of us for dinner, but still, I felt very awkward socially.

To my glee, I did not have any major digestive problems with the vegetables or the wine! Yay! The bell peppers usually give me heartburn, but even that was minor on that night. Awesome.

Our friend left to go off to a dancing class, and we paid her bill, being that she was the birthday girl. We then got back to our car and my husband drove us over to Forbidden Island Tiki Bar, where we met up with two more friends who had secured an area for our birthday girl. We hung out and had drinks – I drank an Exotica (Coffee liquor and other flavours in a martini glass), a Chamborlada (Chambord and Pina Colada), and part of my friend’s birthday Fugu drink that she could not finish. That was enough to get me pretty tipsy, nay, drunk. Thankfully, not a sloppy or embarrassing drunk. Chatty, yes. Having fun, yes. It was a good night.

At Forbidden Island Tiki Bar for a friend's birthday

At Forbidden Island Tiki Bar for a friend's birthday


We got home around midnight and I went immediately to bed after consuming a pint of water. I had to be up the next day for my post-op appointment in San Francisco.

Firsts for Day 18:

  • Drove alone on my own to Oakland and back – stiffness and soreness returned.
  • Did my own laundry, using a luggage cart to haul the basket.
  • Worked on some homework.



  • Still having pain with climbing stairs and driving.
  • Lifting anything over 5lbs is still painful.



  • Still having thick mucous vaginal discharge – doesn’t smell foul anymore. Is likely ovulation.

Second Laparoscopy: Day 17 post-op

Monday, January 3, 2011

I slept in again, and started to feel bad about it. The rest of my friends were returning to work after winter holiday, and I was still off work, recovering from surgery. I began to feel guilty – I should be at work, too. My mind felt ready to be at work – it was just my body that wasn’t cooperating.

I walked, stretched, filed paperwork, washed a few dishes that day.

And also, my Firsts for Day 17:

  • I was able to lay on my left side for most of the night.
  • I laid on my belly for about 7 minutes (to receive a massage).
  • I drove my car for the first time since before surgery. I drove around town, which has a 25 M.P.H. speed limit. Even so, the pain and stiffness returned, landing me at a 5 on the pain scale. I took 600mg ibuprofen for the pain.
  • I was able to eat three orders of sushi rolls!! This is huge news! I’ve not been able to eat too much at a time without getting diarrhea or horrible pains under the diaphragm. This was the first time I’ve really tucked in! Woohoo!


Last night, my husband’s friend flew in for a job interview, so we and another friend drove down to the South Bay to hang out for the evening.

R, J & B at sushi dinner

R, J & B at sushi dinner

Just chillin in the hotel room

Just chillin in the hotel room


It was a good time. I giggled a lot, and didn’t die. I guess I must be healing well!

Second Laparoscopy: Day 16 post-op

I slept until 10am – another eight hour night before my body was too sore to stay in bed. Actually I should say my body is sore by the 6 hour mark, but I am stubborn and keep going back to bed until it’s been 8 hours. Oh how I love 8 hours of sleep.

The first thing I did when I got out of bed was spend about 20 minutes walking around the house and doing gentle stretches.

Today I cleaned up some papers and such on the kitchen table, but I didn’t get my ass out of the house until after 4pm. The weather was cold, overcast and windy – I think it only got up to 50°F today, and it sprinkled throughout the day.

My husband and I got some pet supplies for the cats, and then we went for a short walk behind the shopping center, which has a sidewalk overlooking the estuary (which flows into the San Leandro Bay). There are observation decks one can climb up to in order to get a better look at a view of the estuary and the Oakland hills. I climbed a bit faster than I had done yesterday, and coming back down the stairs, I was able to go at my normal pace. I did so giggling with delight.

However, less than a hundred feet later, I began to get stabbing uterine pains and had to slow my walking pace. I adjusted and picked up my pace again, but I still struggled with the pelvic pain. My husband stopped into a game store to ask a game console question, and while I stood there waiting, the pain reached a 5 on the pain scale.

When we got back to the car, I took 600mg of Ibuprofen. I’ve been fatigued ever since. I spent the rest of the night on the couch taking it easy, which sucks, because I had wanted to try going to a nightclub for the first time since before surgery.

Food I ate today:
Leftover Indian (Saag Paneer)
Gluten-free freezer pancakes
Boost drinks
Rice Chex cereal
Homemade macaroon a friend had made
20oz of water
Coconut juice

The foul smell abated some and the bloody discharge went away overnight, but late this afternoon I had some thick mucous discharge again. I’m wondering now if this is ovulation already. Today is about Day 6 of the new cycle, and I always get mittelschmerz on Day 8 of the new cycle. Could it be a couple of days early?

I am still having the round of diarrhea or loose stool every morning. I’m guessing this is still a holdover from when the surgeon bumped the mesentery on the way in with the camera.

I nearly threw up tonight after eating the same kinds of food I’ve been eating; gluten-free pancakes and Boost. I also developed a headache so I took my temperature and the temporal digital read 100°F. The glass therm read 99°F. Bah, whatever.

Firsts for today:
I wore loose-fitting slacks! I looked like a dweeb, but at least I have a pair of slacks I can wear to work in the first week back, which is coming up fast.

Second Laparoscopy: Day 15 post-op

I went to bed around 2am and slept til 11am today, but suffered for it. I’ve only been able to sleep a maximum of 8 hours before the trunk of my body really starts to hurt. I try to roll over on my left side, but it’s painful after a few minutes. It’s still not possible to lay on my right side.

My husband and I lolled about the house and ate breakfast at noon. We waited to hear back from friends who might want to go to the movies with us. It didn’t work out for friends to join us, so we went on our own to see TRON: Legacy. It was the first time I chanced going to the movies post-op. It worked out – the chairs were as uncomfortable as they usually are for me, but all the sitting did not aggravate my tender belly button further than it has already been.
TRON by the way was pretty neat. I had no great expectations for the dialogue or plot, so I sat back and enjoyed the pretty – in 3D even.

When we got home, I had just enough time to clean up a bit before friends were to arrive, because we were going to do even more sitting and watching of movies. My husband had to go feed and water a friend’s cats, so I cleaned up papers and small boxes and crap from the living room, and got out the vacuum. I had not attempted vacuuming until now, so I gave it a whirl. It was a bit tough to maneuver the vacuum. I had to squat down and hunch forward a bit, and really use my arm muscles to push the damned thing around. This is an upright HEPA vacuum – it’s not like some big old fashioned monstrosity, and yet it was nearly too much for me to handle at 15 days post-op. But I did it.

Shortly afterward, our friends began arriving. We ordered Indian food, my husband returned home right after the food arrived, and we started the movie of the night: The Abyss.
All of us have seen it. Some of us (like myself) have not seen it in many years. The dialogue is hilarious but the imagery is still pretty cool, and all that underwater filming – wow. Some of us had to remember not to hold our breath (including me).

Shortly after the movie began, I started having pelvic cramps. I went to the bathroom and discovered thick mucous and dirty bloody discharge. It smelled foul. The discharge is normal but the foul smell set off alarm bells for me. I took 600mg ibuprofen and put a heating pad on my pelvis, then on my back, and finished watching the movie.

Diet today consisted of gluten-free pancakes and decaf coffee at breakfast time, along with a Boost drink. I had popcorn and some white chocolate at the movie theatre, and for dinner, I ate Saag Paneer with some rice. I drank some sparkling apple juice, and then some blood orange soda. I’ve not been taking in enough water for the past two days.

After The Abyss finished and we saw our friends off, I looked back through my diary for “coffee ground” debris and found that 61 days post-op, that’s when the inner scabs sloughed off and came out. After reading that diary entry, my memory of the debris came back, and it did not match what I saw tonight. But I don’t see any of my old diary entries detailing mucous discharge or a foul smell post-op.

I told my husband about it and took my temperature. It’s normal. I’m not feeling dizzy or nauseous, and I do not have a headache. So we’ll see what the rest of the night and into the morning brings.

Firsts for Day 15 post-op:

  • Vacuumed the house.
  • I am walking at a faster pace each day, but still not back to my normal.



  • Stair climbing is still painful on the pelvis and knees, though I did make a point to climb up and down the stairs twice again today.
  • Laying on my sides is still painful.
  • Laying on my stomach is still not an option for me just yet.
  • Haven’t tried driving a car, still feel I’m not ready.



  • Discharge and foul odor.
  • I slipped coming down the stairs to the house we live in, because it had just started sprinkling outside again. I caught myself, but I worried that I might have stretched or pulled something a bit too much inside.

Second Laparoscopy: Day 14 post-op

Friday, December 31, 2010

I had diarrhea first thing in the morning before any food. Hmmm. No further episodes, and I was able to drink some Boost, so I can rule out the Boost as causing my intestinal issues. I guess my bowels are not completely healed from being bumped during surgery, perhaps that’s why I keep having diarrhea.

That morning, my husband made bacon and I very nearly allowed myself to eat some. But then I remembered that I’ve not had meat in 14 days because my intestinal system is still out of sorts since surgery. I don’t eat pork very often, and it’s the hardest meat to return to after one has been meat-free.
I put it in my head vividly the first time I tried eating pork after being pseudo-vegetarian for 6 years, and man, was that painful. So I successfully resisted the bacon. I say pseudo-vegetarian because I was still eating eggs, dairy and fish. In Michigan, I’d be considered vegan, but in California, I was scoffed at every single time I said I was ovo-lacto-pesco-vegetarian.


Firsts for Day 14:

  • I was able to swing my right leg up onto my husband’s lap while we’re both sitting…for 30 seconds before my pelvis started hurting again.
  • Without thinking, I had been sitting on the floor in front of the heater fan when I got up and slid onto the bed – on my belly like my husband was – to show him something. As soon as I did it, my eyes popped and I exclaimed, “I DIDN’T DIE!” hehe
    But after about 60 seconds, it was too painful to stay on the belly. Just the fact that I did it though was awesome.

  • I was able to drink alcohol for the first time since before surgery, and I did not get violently ill, despite my fear (because of the intestinal issues I’m still having). I drank some champagne and also had some macadamia nut liquor.


Laughing while bent over still hurts a lot. I had gotten up off the couch and was still trying to straighten out my body when my husband said something that made me laugh, and I nearly cried from the shooting pain.

Well, not really a complication. The belly button began hurting a lot on Day 14. All day long I had moments of intense navel pain, inside radiating to the outside. Looking back through my diary, it’s consistent to my last post-op recovery. I mentioned it on Day 17. Same thing applies with laying on my side – especially my right side – it’s still too painful to do for very long.

The scabs are raised, sensitive to the touch, and the glue plugs are trying to push their way out. Everything looks good, though. Healing is progressing normally.

I spent the day in a depressed funk. I literally just sat around and watched the hours tick by. I took no exercise that day because of the depression. I can’t remember if I had any ibuprofen that day. The weather was nice, but cold. I remarked that Michigan was roughly 10 degrees warmer than us – a heat wave for January. They had weather in the 50s and we we in the 40s.

Day 14 was New Year’s Eve, and we spent the evening at the same friend’s house where we had celebrated Christmas Day. I consumed rice crackers and spinach dip, fine cheese, and some sweets. There were far fewer people this time, and we watched the movie Aliens and enjoyed each others’ conversation. A very nice, low-key evening. Just what the doctor ordered.

When we left after 1am, the rain had started up again.