Second Laparoscopy: Day 14 post-op

Friday, December 31, 2010

I had diarrhea first thing in the morning before any food. Hmmm. No further episodes, and I was able to drink some Boost, so I can rule out the Boost as causing my intestinal issues. I guess my bowels are not completely healed from being bumped during surgery, perhaps that’s why I keep having diarrhea.

That morning, my husband made bacon and I very nearly allowed myself to eat some. But then I remembered that I’ve not had meat in 14 days because my intestinal system is still out of sorts since surgery. I don’t eat pork very often, and it’s the hardest meat to return to after one has been meat-free.
I put it in my head vividly the first time I tried eating pork after being pseudo-vegetarian for 6 years, and man, was that painful. So I successfully resisted the bacon. I say pseudo-vegetarian because I was still eating eggs, dairy and fish. In Michigan, I’d be considered vegan, but in California, I was scoffed at every single time I said I was ovo-lacto-pesco-vegetarian.


Firsts for Day 14:

  • I was able to swing my right leg up onto my husband’s lap while we’re both sitting…for 30 seconds before my pelvis started hurting again.
  • Without thinking, I had been sitting on the floor in front of the heater fan when I got up and slid onto the bed – on my belly like my husband was – to show him something. As soon as I did it, my eyes popped and I exclaimed, “I DIDN’T DIE!” hehe
    But after about 60 seconds, it was too painful to stay on the belly. Just the fact that I did it though was awesome.

  • I was able to drink alcohol for the first time since before surgery, and I did not get violently ill, despite my fear (because of the intestinal issues I’m still having). I drank some champagne and also had some macadamia nut liquor.


Laughing while bent over still hurts a lot. I had gotten up off the couch and was still trying to straighten out my body when my husband said something that made me laugh, and I nearly cried from the shooting pain.

Well, not really a complication. The belly button began hurting a lot on Day 14. All day long I had moments of intense navel pain, inside radiating to the outside. Looking back through my diary, it’s consistent to my last post-op recovery. I mentioned it on Day 17. Same thing applies with laying on my side – especially my right side – it’s still too painful to do for very long.

The scabs are raised, sensitive to the touch, and the glue plugs are trying to push their way out. Everything looks good, though. Healing is progressing normally.

I spent the day in a depressed funk. I literally just sat around and watched the hours tick by. I took no exercise that day because of the depression. I can’t remember if I had any ibuprofen that day. The weather was nice, but cold. I remarked that Michigan was roughly 10 degrees warmer than us – a heat wave for January. They had weather in the 50s and we we in the 40s.

Day 14 was New Year’s Eve, and we spent the evening at the same friend’s house where we had celebrated Christmas Day. I consumed rice crackers and spinach dip, fine cheese, and some sweets. There were far fewer people this time, and we watched the movie Aliens and enjoyed each others’ conversation. A very nice, low-key evening. Just what the doctor ordered.

When we left after 1am, the rain had started up again.

2 Responses to “Second Laparoscopy: Day 14 post-op”

  1. K

    Hi Steph,

    You could have written my story, or I could have written yours. I have had endo since I started menstruating, and like you, suffered for years before it was discovered. I’m not sure if you are eating gluten-free (I haven’t read the rest of the blog yet), but it has helped my stomach symptoms tremendously. I just finished out surgery number 3, and I’m 2 weeks post op. Your blog is amazing; thank you for sharing your journey.

  2. steph

    Hi K! Thanks for reading. I’m sorry you also deal with this horrible disease, and for so long before an official diagnosis. The medical insurance industry is just horrid.
    Just out of curiosity, how did you find me? It’s always exciting for me to know where my readers originate from.
    Yes, I am gluten-free since 2006, and it helped immensely in ridding me of digestive problems and hypoglycemic attacks.
    Thanks again – if you have a blog, I am happy to add it to my blog roll on the main Living With Endo site!