Second Laparoscopy: Day 26 post-op

Wednesday, January 12, 2011. One o’clock pm.


I got a copy of my December 28 blood test results to take to my doctor appointment on Wednesday, and right there in bold text, it shows my red blood cell count is low and my eosinophil white blood cell count is through the roof! The eosinophil count was 1,900!!!
‘Normal’ is 15-500! It was flagged as HIGH and everything, in bold text! How could these people miss it?!?!?

I had puked my guts out on December 26th, and I had pain and bloating under the diaphragm, as well as itching all over my trunk from December 26-28th. I was having all sorts of issues and my surgeon’s office kept saying ‘you’re fine’. At my post op on January 5 I was still getting ‘you’re fine’, even though I felt like crap.

Then Monday January 10 I get a call from them saying “uhhhhh can you get a new blood test”?

How can they let THIRTEEN DAYS go by before really studying my blood test results and seeing some kind of major infection going on!

At my January 5 post-op appointment my surgeon’s assistant said “so and so got the results and said it looked fine.” The surgeon asked, “Do you have the paperwork?” The assistant replied “No, it’s at the front desk.” Instead of going to the front desk to get the paperwork, my surgeon asks me, “Do you want to get more blood work done?” I looked at her funny and said, uhhh, no…if you think my blood work was fine…” And my surgeon replied, “Oh! Well okay, you’re fine!”

I am SO MAD! I am kicking myself for not saying GO GET THE DAMNED PAPERWORK YOU LAZY ASSHATS!


After I settled down from my rage a little bit, I went outside and climbed the stairs to the building I live in. I ascended the stairs SIX TIMES. This is a first. My previous record was three times, five days earlier.

Firsts for today:

  • Climbed stairs 6 times.
  • I lifted a 19lb box of school work and carried it from the bedroom to the kitchen, spent the afternoon doing homework. Then I carried the box back to the bedroom and lifted and put it atop a 46″ tall dresser. This is the most weight I have lifted since surgery, and it did cause some discomfort, but I wanted to test my limits.



  • Dizzy and weak after stair climbing – despite a full meal an hour beforehand.
  • Mild to moderate pelvic and low back pain all day. It got bad enough at times that I wanted to take Tylenol 3, but I’ve become seriously revolted by the stuff since my big scare on December 27.
  • Still having diarrhea – this time after dinner. It could be food sensitivity, though; I ate sushi, and some of it had avocado, which has given me diarrhea since 2010 when I became more sensitive to things in the latex family. I had also drank some miso soup, which I have had sensitivity to as well. After dinner, I had cow’s milk ice cream (w/ 2 lactaid pills). So much food – I was plagued by internal gas and too full a feeling all night – it finally simmered down by 11:30pm.
  • I’m PMSing. I can seriously feel the uterus thickening. I’ve begun to have major sugar cravings. I found and ate ALL the chocolate in the house. I drank sugary pop twice that day. I am angered at the drop of a pin.

4 Responses to “Second Laparoscopy: Day 26 post-op”

  1. Veronica

    Hi there… I found your website while doing some research online for post operative for my laparoscopy, which I had a week and half ago. First of all thank you for documenting your aches and pains, specially in such detail.
    I’ve been suffering from endo for almost 2 years, and like I mentioned just had my second laparoscopy. This time it wasn’t planned, since one the cysts had burst.
    Anyway, I’ve been reading about your diarrhea and the food you’ve been eating. I would love to share with your that besides working with my obgyn, I’ve been working with a Natural Doctor (ND), which has been great. We tailor a diet specific to help recovery and minimize inflamation of the digestive system, specially if any the endo is touching those areas.
    Like I said, I found you while doing some research, as I had serious diarrhea after surgery. My stomach has settled, thank God!!! Mostly because, I adhered to a liquids only diet for the first few days (most painful experience ever), then slowly bring solids back. Started with mashed potatoes, rice and quinoa. I’m eating some grains, mostly spelt, buckwheat and gluten free bread. I also adhere to a diet high in protein, well cooked vegetables and simple carbs, plus lots of good fruits.
    Raw fish or any fish, is out. As well as milk products (I’m mildly lactose), beans and spicy stuff.
    Again, I just wanted to partake my food experience, just like you’ve been wonderful enough to partake your recovery experience.

    Thank you sooo much!!!

  2. finally10pm

    Hi! I just found your blog. My acu just gave me Unicorn Pearl and the rest of those guys. So we’ll see how it goes. I found your blog when I searched for info about it. I’m a little apprehensive about it, but here goes… Hope you are well.

  3. steph

    Hey finally10pm! I recognise you from LJ. I could not take the Unicorn Pearl because I’m so sensitive to estrogenic herbs, and also the lab admitted that they could not certify gluten-free. Maybe it will work out for you though – you have to take them regularly along with the acu treatments. It can be difficult to keep to a tight schedule with the pain issues, but I hope you can find some relief!

  4. steph

    Hi Veronica!
    I am hoping that being so detailed will make things not so scary for others who have to go through this. It’s a different ride for each of us, though.

    I too am working with a ND but I’m a bad monkey and have not yet implemented the suggestions. I will hopefully see the ND again by March 2011.

    Thanks for sharing your food experience! I realised that I went right back to dairy, alcohol and sugar after surgery – things I had vowed I would not do! So now I have to cut it out again. It’s so difficult, but I must TRY to abstain from these things for six solid months, to see if any benefit or pain relief occurs.