Must stay positive

Today is Day 82 post-op and Day 3 of my period. The quaking pain woke me just before 5am.
I finally crawled out of bed just before 5:30am because the heating pad was not touching the pain. I ate a protein bar and took a Tylenol 3 as I sat on the couch. Sitting upright helped ease the pain, but my left leg went numb. I sincerely think the nerve bundles in my pelvis, which travel down the back of my legs, get compressed when I am sitting, and therefore ease the pain a bit. I have the most benefit when I sit on a hard wooden chair when in menstrual pain. It’s weird that the nerve in my left leg got so compressed that blood flow was cut off – I was just sitting on the couch with my legs up. I’ll take the pins and needles feeling any day over the white hot knife plunging and twisting feeling. Alas, I’m still experiencing the knifing, too.

Let’s see…good news…I had only minor premenstrual pain. My worst pain day was while I did a three mile walk, and I was smack in between menstrual cycles. The day after the walk, I experienced the feeling of surgical adhesions being pulled, especially when I stretched upwards. It’s just a tight feeling, not searing pain or anything, but still concerning. I want things to be loosened up. Gotta remember to start the castor oil packs like my naturopath recommended.

The actual premenstrual pain started two days after the 3 mile walk I did. I had mild, intermittent cramping on March 1, 2 & 3. I began spotting on March 7 in the early afternoon. Later that afternoon, I took 600mg Ibuprofen for mild cramps. The spotting turned to flow the next day, and I required a total of 1,200mg Ibuprofen within an 8-hour span. That was yesterday.

Then I woke this morning just before 5am with the searing pain.

6:30am Update:
My cat Kiki is being a good nurse to me again – he’s laying on my belly, which adds to the weight of the heating pad, which helps ease my pain. Bonus, he’s purring.

6:54am Update:
Mischief Managed. The pain is dissociated enough from the drugs, now. It feels like a fingernail is poking into my pelvis but I’ll take that over the white hot knife stabbing and turning feeling.

7am Update:
Kiki is still crashed out on me – and still purring. It’s disgustingly cute.

7:20am Update:
It’s been an hour and my cat is still purring, still laying on me! Unfortunately, I need to disturb him so I can get ready for the day ahead. I know, call me crazy, but I told work I would be in after my post-op appointment. I refuse to concede defeat, so I will proceed according to plan until my body tells me no effing way. That and if I need additional doses of Tylenol 3, there’s no way I’ll go in to work and be around children on narcotics.

Kiki seems to sense I need to get up, and so he yawned and gently walked off of me. Love my kitteh.

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