Update fail

Well I’ve been meaning to keep you updated – and myself for that matter – on the progress and setbacks as each month post-op goes by.

However, I’m nearing the end of a teaching certificate program, and I’m working full time as an intern teacher, so I’ve had very little time to spend thinking about long narration of my menstrual woes.

I’m due on Sunday.

Parent observation week at school is next week. I’ll likely be out at least a day due to the pain. :(

I’m still missing 1-2 days of work each month, but it’s better than 3-4 days each month.

I’m under a lot of stress with this internship and trying to graduate a preschool class, take care of a stressed out head teacher, and get my thesis written and presented.

I tried using a progesterone cream for pain management on May 15, and within 6 hours I was a mental wreck. I’m putting off further experimentation with it until after graduation.

I’m back to the usual PMS cravings from all the stress. Been eating cheetos and chocolate again, and drinking more caffeine. Of course this ups the inflammation, I know.

That’s all I have time to say here today. Wheeeee.

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