July cycle follow-up

July 14 was our eleven-year dating anniversary. We had celebrated early this year, when we took a trip to Boston to see a friend get married. On our actual anniversary day, I experienced moderate low back pain and fatigue. I was still spotting from the previous day, though I knew this was the last of it for this cycle.

Despite the pain, I had an appointment that afternoon in town, and I chose to walk to it. It was a mile round-trip walk, and I was dismayed at how much pain my legs, thighs and hips were in after said walk. This alarmed me, because just three weeks earlier, I had walked all over Cambridge, Salem and Boston, Massachusetts. The bulk of my pain then was foot- and calf-related, because I’d chosen the wrong footwear.

After my appointment on July 14, I went on to babysit for a friend around the block. That was low-key and doable, because the kid is a third-grader.

July 15 also found me in moderate low back pain, but I would not be denied a night of dancing. It had been three weeks since I’d been dancing (I danced a bit at my friend’s wedding), and I was itching to get out. Besides, it was another friend’s birthday celebration, so I wanted to meet her there. A night out and dancing was successful. :)

I rested on Saturday the 16th, and then we did the big 10km charity walk on the 17th. This is the walk we do every year. My husband and I have been team captains for three years now, ever since our friends nominated us for the position when they went off to raise pure-bred puppies for a second living.

Because my husband and I had so much going on this year, we did not devote enough energy to fundraising or team cheerleading, and as a result, we saw our lowest numbers for actual team members on the day of the walk (there were four of us total), and we did not raise enough interest to even print up the team shirts this year. Quite sad. Still, we made the best of the situation. So far, nearly $900 has been raised from our tiny team this year, and the final tally still isn’t in, yet.

Here’s a couple photos of us:

Doing the AIDS Walk, 2011

Doing the AIDS Walk, 2011


I brought my spare spoon to help me through the walk!

I brought my spare spoon to help me through the walk!

For the next four days after the walk, I was miserable. I had pulled every muscle from my hips down to my toes, and my feet and toes were blistered. I think this was the most injured I’ve felt from this charity walk. I don’t know what happened. I’ve been able to go hiking right after a cycle. This to me appeared no different. Meh. I guess I’ve just gotten very out of shape since surgery last December. I haven’t been good at bicycling or walking around town like I was before surgery. I have to change that.

On Thursday, July 21, I experienced moderate stabby pain – this would be a few days early for mittelschmerz, I think, but hey, who knows with me.

Today is Saturday and I’m helping my husband out at home. Next week I work as a head teacher for summer school. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. ;)

I’m happy to be back in uptime, and I need to get with the exercising, already. I have been doing stretches for the past two days, so that’s something at least.

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