July uptime

During my July uptime, I spent part of a day helping my husband with the technical side of his website, which felt good because it reassured me that even though I’ve been out of the computer industry for the past four years, I still know enough Linux to get around. My husband uses WordPress for his blog (like I do for this blog). Making the blog look exactly how you want it to involves a bit of waving dead chickens over the evil php files. I prefer to use ssh and edit the files in vi, because I’m awesome.

Anyway, the same day, we got a replacement bed, since our Keetsa mattress failed us. Thankfully it is under warranty. A bit of housecleaning and mattress wrangling was required, so chalk that into the “exercise” category for the day, heh…

I also was a bad monkey in July. Our friends, whom we crossed the country to see all married back in June, came out to visit those who could not be their on their wedding day. We were fortunate to hook up with our newlywed friends the day before they were to jet back home. We went to the tiki bar and I got blotto. Ah well. I love to tiki.
I did penance the next few days after that by bicycling to and from work.

Speaking of work, that was the week I was telling you about! I was a head teacher, even with a hangover! Wooo! I’m totally badass. I survived the week perfectly, despite two parent issues I thought might become nasty. Parents are crazy. I say this not having once ounce of parenting experience in my body. :p

I celebrated the end of the week of teaching by meeting with a tattoo artist. I hope to get a back piece by Winter Break. :D
I had wanted the tattoo by the time of my birthday, but I did not manage my money well … again.
This will be my first ever tattoo! I have body piercings, but I’ve always been too afraid to commit to a tat. The thing is, I’ve had the same idea in my head for a back piece since the early 1990s. I think it’s about time I finally committed.

So I had a good time during July uptime. I was free of endometriosis pain for three days before mittelschmerz, which lasted only a day. Then I was pain-free again for nine whole days before I got a jabby lower back pain, and then I was pain-free for another whole day before the slide to downtime began.

The uptime was a total of 13 days, of which nine were consecutively pain-free.

2 Responses to “July uptime”

  1. Nicole

    9 consecutive days.. amazing!

    I can’t wait to see your back piece once it’s done. I love tattoos! :)