The tally for August so far…

I was couch-ridden for three days during the August cycle; Saturday, Sunday and Monday. What made it more convenient for me to not push my limits this time around was the fact that my husband was away at a game convention. Normally on Saturdays, we bum around town running errands or just being out of the house for fun. Because he wasn’t here, I not only lacked the desire to be out and about, but I had no one to drive me around while I was all medicated to the hilt.

Had my cycle fallen during the work week, I would likely have missed THREE days of work. Thankfully, it fell on the weekend again. So in the grand scheme of things, I’m still getting lucky so to speak.

I woke up Tuesday morning unsure of whether I could go in to work. The bleeding subsided overnight again for the second night in a row. Unlike Monday when I woke and the bleeding and pain resumed, on Tuesday there was no such mess. Figuring Tuesday was “Last Gasp” day, I thought that if I did go in to work, I’d maybe get two or three hours in before I’d have to go home in grave pain again. But I called work, cleared it with the director, and went in. I chanced it.

And you know what? The Last Gasp never happened! Or rather, perhaps it did, because a little bleeding did resume during the course of the day, but the pain level never got above a 4 the entire day! I did require 1,200mg of Ibuprofen in an 8-hour time frame to get through the work day, but I did NOT have to come home early in agony! This to me is simply amazing!!!

The bleeding tapered and stopped by late afternoon.

My husband took me out to sushi and ice cream last night. :)

This morning, I’m back to feeling uncertain again. I’m still spotting, and I had an uptick in hormonal hot flush and nausea again before breakfast. Because I feel like I got away with something yesterday (no ‘last gasp’), I am now worrying that today might be it, even though it’s not logical according to the ‘usual’ behaviour of my cycle. I should technically be home-free until August 31st.

We’ll see. If I make it through today, then I’m golden for sure.

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