And some more fun before the next downtime

Every weekend this month has entailed some sort of birthdayness. January and October are big birthday months in my circle!

Saturday, January 7 was dinner with my husband for his birthday. Even though I was in the thick of an endo flare, I still went out to the dinner.

Saturday, January 14 was dinner for our friend D’s birthday, and roller skating for me and my husband afterwards.
I was pain-free that weekend!

Saturday, January 21 was Concrete Blonde in concert, although she cancelled at the last possible second due to being really ill. We got to see the opening bands and then were sent away with many apologies. David J was one of the opening acts. His singing was really awful, and that in itself hurts to say, because he’s one quarter of the godfathers of goth – Bauhaus. His voice is just not there anymore, but he doesn’t want to give up the show. I feel bad for him, I really do.
I was pain-free that night!

Saturday, January 28 was dinner and drinks for our friend W’s birthday. My endo flare had begun, but rather than take 800mg of Ibuprofen, I was stubborn and went without meds so that I could drink booze with my friends. At least the drinking dissociated me from pain that night. Here’s a bunch of us helping our friend celebrate:


In summary, I got to enjoy two out of four Saturdays in January, which is average, and unchanged since before surgery. I still only get one to two good weeks out of every month on average, but hey, some of my endo sisters never get to have a good week, so I do live for every healthy moment I get. It’s a lose-lose situation, though. Either you are constantly depressed because you never have any uptime, or you are cyclically depressed because you are dreading the end of any short-lived uptime you do get. Chronic pain is chronic pain – it’s a bitch no matter how much or how little uptime you get with it.

Edit: It is amazing to look back on now, but six months after posting this photo, 14 out of 16 people in that photo abandoned me in the wake of my husband’s affair with a woman I babysat for. The abandonment circle was much wider than that photo, though. I lost near a hundred people who thought it no big deal for marriage vows to be violated. Several of those people actively hid their knowledge of the affair from me for months. Photo preserved to remind me of snakes and liars. Women with endometriosis are often cheated on. There’s no excuse for it. EVER.

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