No work missed so far in 2012 ;)

I made it through work today! It took 1,200mg Ibuprofen and half a muscle relaxer (the back/neck are still locking up, but not all the time), but I made it! YAY!

And then I took my husband out to sushi dinner, cuz today’s his birthday! The owners made him a special dish:



Now that the endo flare is over, I’m golden until the end of the month. Gotta be strong and adhere to the goals:

  • Go sugar-free again.
  • Do a better job from abstaining from alcohol again.
  • Be serious about gluten-free baking at home, so I cut down on processed foods.
  • Start biking to work every day again.
  • Keep posting more positive entries – what I can do, as opposed to what my limitations are – and post between cycles, as opposed to during or right after an endo flare.


I have a few additional goals:

  • See if I can manifest the idea I had recently to gift fellow endo sisters, to share positivity and love.
  • Make a video update on how my life has been since surgery in December, 2010.
  • Finish editing and then upload two more humourous videos I’d done in the past year or so.

4 Responses to “No work missed so far in 2012 ;)”

  1. Nicole

    Happy Birthday to him and YAY getting through the day! I know how hard that can be some days!

  2. Joanna

    Hi Steph! I have been following your blog for a while now. And I wanted to say that I have been conducting my own research on endometriosis, the causes, effects, etc for the past year.
    I was diagnosed in Nov 2010 but have had two surgeries since then!
    I wanted to point out that I think (and I’m sure you have already found this out too) that your pink eye infection is in direct correlation with the endo.
    I truly believe it is an autoimmune disorder and women with endo typically suffer from many other types of chronic infections and/or other autoimmune disorders.
    I hope your good streak continues and thank you for sharing all of your trials and personal research on how to battle endo!
    It has been very informative for me!
    Take care x

  3. steph

    Hi Joanna!

    Thanks for reading! I have added your blog to my main website’s blog roll at

    Regarding the pink eye and endo link, actually…no, I hadn’t thought to make a direct correlation! I do always say though that because of endo, I have the immune system of a lab rat. Though frustrated by my tiny immune system, I’m not usually surprised when I get repeat infections of one sort or another.

    I am going to journal about this. Don’t feel bad for providing me information, even if I’m currently a bit startled by it!!