Back from hiatus

Just in time for Endometriosis Awareness month, my WordPress blogs got hacked!
I swear, it happened on the eve of March 1st.

A month was spent trying to figure out where the hack was, talking to friends, and getting help from my web provider. They ran some kind of script to clean all my files at the code level, which worked for roughly 24 hours before the hack reasserted itself, and then the web provider threw up its hands and gave me a manual on how to unhack my site myself…at the code level.

My friend Ray helped me out further by forwarding me a user discussion on the hack, since it appears to have hit globally at the end of February.

Well, I must have followed the instructions correctly, because the sites look clean.

So here I am, back online, just as another endo flare is setting in. I plan to do an update for the month of March, as I had a whole lot of positivity going on despite the site hack.