Annnd…I’m back again.

…Nearly four months later, my website is, to use a Monty Python voice, “no longer infected”.

After doing two rounds with my web provider’s technical support, and selecting auto-upgrades of WordPress from there on out, my site was still being flagged as malware. It was so bad that I could not even log in. So I walked away from it.

In that time, the web provider did massive upgrades to their servers. I’ve been getting emails letting me know about it. This morning, with the latest email announcing a completed server move/upgrade, I decided to check in on my websites, and lo, they are no longer flagged as malware, AND I can log in.

So, Hello World. We start again.

One Response to “Annnd…I’m back again.”

  1. Maggie

    So glad you’re back! X