My cycle is longer since surgery.

It seems my period is late every month!

I just looked back through my calendar dating back to surgery on 12/17/10, and I see a trend.

My cycle is no longer 25 days.

It’s more like 27 or 28 days again.

It’s been 16 years since I’ve had a cycle of that length. :(

I’ve had anxiety for the past two days, thinking george was late. After all, I have this week off of work BECAUSE george was due.

In the summer time, the school I work for reduces staff hours, because we do not have full enrollment. The director tries to give everyone a chance to work at least half the summer, so a lot of schedule shuffling goes on to try to make it fair enough for everyone. Because of my known health condition, the director simply does not schedule me during the weeks that I could miss so much as a day of work from endo pain, so that another teacher who wants a full week can have it. I understand the rationale. I’m just glad they don’t do this to me throughout the regular school year.

So this week was slated off work, because george was due on Monday.

Well, here we are at Wednesday, and still no george, and I ended up giving myself an asthma attack over it this morning, due to how anxious I am. I kept asking my husband if there’s any way I could be pregnant, and he keeps reassuring me there’s no way.

“Wait. Asthma?”

Yep! I’ll tell you all about it in another post.

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