Last gasp?

Here’s hoping today is the end of it for another 28 days!

The bleeding and pain subsided overnight, but returned with a vengeance around 10:30am today. I got to the point of wanting to cry ‘Uncle’, and then the pain began to dissipate, thanks to 800mg Ibuprofen and another 100mg of Gabapentin kicking in.

I had some REALLY good news yesterday on the job front – I’m not allowed to say much at the moment. I’m hoping this turns out well, that’s all I can say!

On the depression front, I’m still struggling to keep myself groomed and fed, and employed due to the depression. I’m on medication to help (the Gabapentin does double-time for mood stabilisation and neuropathy relief, and I’m also on Zyprexa for depression/anxiety).

Divorce sucks. People suck. Endometriosis sucks. Part of the reason he told me he left me was because of this stupid illness. :(

May 2013 cycle

The endo flare began on Sunday, and presented with full body exhaustion. Granted, I had gone out dancing on Friday, ran around on an aircraft carrier for 7 hours on Saturday, then went dancing Saturday night.
On Sunday, I slept for 14 hours, got up for 4 hours, then went back to bed for another 10 hours.
When I awoke on Monday, the pain and bleeding began.

Today is Day 2 of the latest cycle. I have been no higher than a 6 on the pain scale, but I am still thoroughly exhausted and body-fatigued.
I took half a Tylenol 3 for the pain last night, because I had to go see my shrink when I just wanted to be in bed, and the drive to and from my shrink’s office knocked my innards all over the place (I drive a 16-year-old Dodge Neon, which is like a go-kart).

I have been following my psychiatrist’s advice and taking an extra pill per day of Gabapentin during my endo flares – I’m convinced it really is helping to reduce the pain.

I went to work yesterday and today, and made it through the entire day. Hopefully, tomorrow the flare will begin to subside, and then I’m golden again til next cycle.

The pre-menstrual cramping and symptoms have been nearly ommitted by taking Gabapentin, so for the past three months, I’ve been surprised when george does show up. Though Monday morning I knew when I got out of bed, I’d be greeted by the bastard, cuz I was cramping upon waking.

Today’s pain has consisted of gnawing lower front uterine cramps, as well as intermittent stabbing left side ovarian pain. Great. The endo is returning for a third time to the left ovary. Get thee to menopause, stat! No more surgeries!!