Last gasp?

Here’s hoping today is the end of it for another 28 days!

The bleeding and pain subsided overnight, but returned with a vengeance around 10:30am today. I got to the point of wanting to cry ‘Uncle’, and then the pain began to dissipate, thanks to 800mg Ibuprofen and another 100mg of Gabapentin kicking in.

I had some REALLY good news yesterday on the job front – I’m not allowed to say much at the moment. I’m hoping this turns out well, that’s all I can say!

On the depression front, I’m still struggling to keep myself groomed and fed, and employed due to the depression. I’m on medication to help (the Gabapentin does double-time for mood stabilisation and neuropathy relief, and I’m also on Zyprexa for depression/anxiety).

Divorce sucks. People suck. Endometriosis sucks. Part of the reason he told me he left me was because of this stupid illness. :(

2 Responses to “Last gasp?”

  1. Jordan

    I found your blog as I am laying bedridden, now on day two at (least for this week), and just want to applaud you for speaking up and doing what you are doing. I’m 22 and have been suffering for 12 years now and just recently after having my son are people taking me seriously about my pain. Reading through your posts is like reading about my own life and its comforting knowing I’m not alone in this seemingly never ending battle with this monster know as Endo.

  2. steph

    Hi Jordan,
    I’m sorry we are together with this hellish disease. Do you also have a blog? The more of us there are talking about our daily trials, the better for us to be heard and taken seriously! Thank you for finding me and for reading. I am thinking of you and your family.