Pain Management appointment

Because I am special, I had TWO endo flares in June.
But because I am hard core, I spent the day at the Pride Parade, and at my friend’s dance party on Day 3 of the pain (June 27).
I was drugged up all day, of course, and I didn’t dance – I sat and watched people, instead.


Me and my girlfriend.



SF Pride Parade.



The crowd at SF Pride.


I didn’t suffer again until July 21, OF COURSE 3 days before I had to get on a plane to visit family.
I had tried to refill the Norco a week earlier via the web, but it never got approved by the doctor. I kept calling to check on the status, and the pharmacy said they’d send another request, but there was nothing. So a day before I had to get on the plane, I reached 8 on the pain scale, and I got an emergency appointment with any available doctor. Well, I ended up with a nurse practitioner instead! And she refused to fill my script, and sat there arguing with me about it! Finally, she said she’d give me a few pills to tide me over until I heard back from my GYN, and she stormed out of the room, slamming the door.

My girlfriend was right there with me when it happened. I looked at her, mouth agape, and just started crying.
I am not a drug seeker, goddammit!! I am in a lot of pain!!!

I spent another two days in pain after landing in Michigan to see family, but at least I had enough pain meds to tide me through.


Me and my Ma.



Me and my chosen sister.


I recovered as I always do.
When I returned from my trip home, I had an appointment with a pain management doctor. I was expecting to be introduced to the different types of physical therapy type pain management they had to offer me.
Instead, I was told that before I can get to that stage, the doctor had to interview me. She wanted to know my life story with endo, so I told her. Then she said she needed to do a pelvic exam.
I was not ready emotionally for this, and told her so. She apologised and said that it is necessary for her to make her final decisions as to what care I need. She promised she would not use a speculum, or torture me.
I consented, but was not happy about it.
She did a simple pelvic with just her fingers. While in the stirrups, she had me lay my right leg to the side, then my left leg, while she kept her fingers inside of me. I yelped out in pain at the slightest movement of my legs to the side. She said that’s all she needed to assess, and told me we were done.

She then informed me of her opinion: I have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.
“On exam, you have significant spasms in the muscles of your pelvic floor; this is commonly referred to as myofascial pain or pelvic floor dysfunction. Myofascial pain is typically worse with physical activity and after intercourse and/or bowel movements. When this has been a longstanding problem, changes happen in the nervous system that make the pain worse and even spread to other areas of the pelvis. The more the muscles spasm, the more pain you have; the more pain, the more the muscles contract and spasm so this becomes a cycle that can be difficult to break.”

We discussed the various types of treatment, which is the usual:

  • Oral contraceptions
  • DepoProvera
  • Mirena IUD
  • Lupron
  • TENS unit
  • Surgery

I vetoed all but NSAIDS and TENS unit.

We then discussed the Gabapentin. I was on 200mg/day, which made the doctor laugh robustly. I got offended, and told her that at 300mg/day, I experienced tremors in the hand and neck. But after discussing it for a bit, and knowing that I’ve been on the stuff for two years now, I decided to try increasing the dosage again. She wants me to increase by 100g every three days.

When I got home from the appointment, my girlfriend was waiting for me. I broke down crying, because I am frustrated that I have YET ANOTHER diagnosis of something awful.
But it makes sense now as to why surgery twice “failed” me.

So, over a week later, I’m now at 500mg/day, and I’ve started to experience very minor hand tremors. I will continue increasing dosage until it becomes uncomfortable emotionally for me to deal with.

Going back to george, though…
I felt good until August 15. That afternoon, I could feel my body breaking down, slowing down… every joint and muscle felt fatigued. But I had agreed to show up on the U.S.S. Hornet for a paranormal tour. I’m glad I did, and I got to lead a tour, something I’m becoming more comfortable with over time.

But by the time the tour was over, my muscles and joints, especially in the legs, felt strained. I had wanted to go out dancing after the paranormal tour, but I just couldn’t do it.

I realised my body had entered yet another pain flare.
The next morning, I was expected to be on the Hornet again for Security. When I woke up, I tried to ignore the pain. Sheer stubbornness got me dressed, fed and out the door, and to the ship. I took my pain medication first thing in the morning, and at mid-morning, and again right before I had to leave, but the pain STILL managed to take me down right before the end of my shift.

I made it home and crawled into bed. I remained bedridden for over 24 hours.

What pisses me off to tears is another beautiful, warm, sunny day was ruined by pain. I could count how many beautiful days I lose each year to this hellish pain, but it would be too depressing to stomach. What made me cry even more is that my girlfriend was staying with me that weekend, and I felt cheated out of happy fun hangout time with her. Though I have to say, she is the best girlfriend ever – she made meals for me, did some dishes, fed my cat, warmed my heating pads, and stayed by my side despite me being in states of listlessness or whimpering in pain or emoting anger at being in pain. I offered for her to go do stuff, hang out with people locally, etc. But she said she WANTS to be right here, by my side. I feel so lucky.

On August 17, after my girlfriend left back for her home, I developed a nasty migraine which lasted for hours. I put an ice pack on my head, it was so bad, and I finally just went to bed.

Woke up this morning, not feeling the greatest, but I had to go to work.
I was at a 6.5 to 7 on the pain scale all day, and just before it was time to go home, I spiked up to over an 8 on the pain scale.

On the way home, I fumbled around for some Norco, and found out I only had one pill left!!! So I called the Kaiser pharmacy, and was told that the doctor STILL has not approved the refill. The pharmacy said they would send another request. When I got home, I emailed my doc as well. Now I just have to hope that the last pill I took is all that I really need, and that the pain flare will come to an end tonight. Until then, I’m back to bed rest. The Norco kicked in, and I slept for three hours.

When I woke up, I thought it was time to go to work. It was only 9:13pm.

Being on 500mg/day of Gabapentin so far is NOT helping me with the pain.
I have a pending appointment with physical therapy, and I will be getting a TENS unit in the near future.

Now I must try to go back to sleep for the night…

Bedridden days are here for me again

Today I threw up from the pain. My period arrived yesterday after a 34-day hiatus.

My last post was May 7, where I was dumbfounded by an extension of my period, which was alarmingly odd. That pain and bleeding lasted until May 13. I then experienced days of no pain, days of some pain, off and on like that through to the end of the month. I thought my next period was due May 24, but that date came and went with no sign of george.

Then he arrived yesterday as I mentioned above. Obviously the endometrioma is wreaking havoc inside of me.

Yesterday and last night, I had moderate pain. It was manageable, though. This morning, as I was leaving the house for work, the pain suddenly shot up to a 7 on the pain scale. It happened right after I had to swerve and honk the car horn to avoid an asshole trying to run a stop sign. That minor adrenaline rush was all it took to set the pain in motion.
I had to turn around only a block from my home, drive back home, take some Tylenol 3 and put on a heating pad, and then try again to get to work. I was about 10 minutes late to work. I popped 800mg Ibuprofen and tried to go about my day, but the pain just kept getting worse throughout the day.

I took another half Tylenol 3 just before lunch time to no avail. I then popped 800mg more of Ibuprofen after lunch. I thought getting to 8 on the pain scale by lunch time was going to be my worst, but no… the pain got to 8.5 while I was in a head teacher meeting around 4pm, and was accompanied by a horrible headache. I tried to leave immediately after the meeting, but ran back inside the building to vomit. Yes, I vomited because the pain was so bad. I haven’t done that in a long time.

I got home and just like that, the headache subsided, as did the pain. I’m seriously exhausted from the trauma of it all, so I took a nap for an hour, only waking up because of the pressure on my bladder from all the buildup of menstrual fluid.

As soon as I used the bathroom, WOOSH the pain level shot up again and the headache returned. I just took a whole Tylenol 3.

Please kill me now.

Today is a rough day.

I had a moment of panic in the bathroom today at work, when I discovered I’d started bleeding heavier than yesterday.

My period was supposed to be done last Sunday, but I started spotting bright red again yesterday.

Today, the blood was dark brown with debris – the so-called ‘coffee ground’ blood. At this point, I finally acknowledged consciously that something is wrong. I suspected once again that I’m dealing with an ovarian cyst. This is something that, in the past few months, I’ve given brief attention to, but pushed it out of my head. Today, I was forced to acknowledge it as fact.

So I looked back in time and realised that this endometrioma or cyst has been in the works for the past six months – since probably November, 2013.

Nov. 4, 2013: 5 waves of intense pain – 7 on the pain scale. Nausea with evening pain flare. Took half a vicoprofen.

Dec. 1, 2013: Nausea, extreme fatigue, shakey legs. Mild to moderate pain. Dark brown flow, turning to red.

Dec. 29, 2013: Bedridden. Puked from pain. 8.5 on pain scale.

Jan. 21, 2014: Moderate uterine and ovarian pain.

Jan. 22, 2014: Moderate bleeding and cramps. Severely fatigued all day, w/ fatigue lasting through Jan. 24.

Feb. 16, 2014: Debilitating pain. Did not note whether mostly ovarian or low back. Bedridden for part of the day on the 17th.

On May 2, 2014 the pain ebbed and flowed. I felt better after work, but then on the way home from hanging with friends, I was crying from the pain, which was mostly on the left side, radiating down my left leg.

May 3: intermittent moderate pain, especially in the lower back.

May 4: Low back pain mainly, but also stabbing on both the left and right side ovaries. The bleeding was subsiding, so I thought I was done with my cycle. That night, the pain cranked up to a 7.5 on the pain scale, and I laid on the floor on my back, crying, while my S.O. looked on helplessly.

May 5: pain and bleeding subsiding.

May 6: my entire back was locking up at the end of the work day. Then shooting pains down side of left leg, then right leg, then pelvic. I started bleeding bright red again.

May 7: ‘coffee ground’ discharge – a mixture of new and old blood, so much that I thought I started my period again. As the day wore on, I got more locked up in the pelvic and low back region again. I had to take 600mg Advil, then half a Norco, by 12pm.

My S.O. convinced me to see a GYN TODAY, so I called and got an appointment.

At the doctor’s office, I got a transvaginal ultrasound done (I’m a serious veteran of that wand, now). This ultrasound revealed a 4cm fluid-filled sac on my left ovary. The GYN also noticed a dark spot at back of my uterus; she said it could be the left ovary attached at back of uterus. I had her look at my previous surgery reports. She thinks it is most likely adhesions pulling the left ovary to back of uterus once again, and that I have either a large cyst or an endometrioma on the left ovary.
However, she urged me to go to ER for a doppler ultrasound and a uterine biopsy, because she is concerned about torsion, which can be dangerous, and she is concerned that the cyst is 4cm in size, which is the threshold where doctors get freaked out about cancer.

However, I am going to wait on it, based upon previous experience w/ cysts and endometriomas.

I also told the doctor I’m not comfortable going to E.R. because of an incident once where I went to the E.R. and instead of listening to me and reading my surgery reports, and just making me comfortable with an IV of drugs, they made me wait the pain out, then forced a pelvic exam, stirring up the bees nest again.

Today’s GYN doctor said that as a patient, I have the right to refuse a pelvic exam and ask only for the doppler ultrasound. She says I can request that first and then opt to have a pelvic afterwards, if something significant is found on ultrasound.

Just to make her stop trying to sway me, I did promise the GYN that if the pain gets any worse, I will go to the E.R. and request the doppler ultrasound.

I am feeling very defeated today at today’s news.

Not a day goes by where I don’t curse myself for not sticking to a caffeine-free and sugar-free diet since my last surgery in 2010. I have been able to successfully cut out red meat and pork, but the other two are just too much to ask for, apparently.
I also know that I cannot blame my diet alone on my pain. I know full well that I have abnormalities on chromosomes 1, 7, 9 and 12, and that endometriosis has been with me since I was created. I know this. I know that diet alone is not going to stop the pain. So I need to have a happy medium – not feel guilty about ingesting caffeine and sugar, but not going hog-wild with the two, either.

But cysts and endometriomas will still happen to me. It’s the nature of endometriosis in general, and specifically the nature of how endo affects MY body.

I’m just tired. I’ve been battling this goddamned illness for 29 YEARS.
I’ve had two surgeries. I don’t want any more surgeries. I know of women who have had over 20 surgeries and they’re STILL not any better. In fact, some are worse off! So I don’t want any further surgery. I just want to try to make it to and through menopause, and see if that burns the disease out.

But dear gods, I am so, so tired.

Late February cycle

I had about 12 consecutive pain-free days from last cycle til this one.

I began getting intermittent uterine and ovarian cramping on February 16, when I was feeling sad and missing my grandmother, as it was her birthday. She’s been gone for 25 years, but I still grieve for her.

Two days later, I spent the day grieving for a friend who’s been gone for 9 years. Every year around the time of his death, I get little reminders seemingly from beyond, that he’s still with us somehow. Because I was sad, I got cramps again.

A few days later, my spouse returned from a weekend-long gaming convention, and I was happy to see him, so we were intimate. The next day, I experienced either dyspareunia or premenstrual cramping, and then a day later (yesterday), george appeared two days early.

The thing is, I think I brought it upon myself. I’ve had a rough month emotionally, as I’ve been really sad for people who have died. And then I had a really bad day at work, wherein I got emotionally involved with a child who was having tantrums. When I tried to lead her out of the room so as not to cause further disturbance to the class, she had a big meltdown. I picked her up to expedite the removal from the class, and she wriggled free and fell to the floor screaming. My face was beet red with embarrassment and also with anger. In my effort to do the right thing (get her out so as not to disturb the lesson taking place in the classroom), it actually sped up the child’s complete meltdown.

Within minutes, I felt a trickle and a hot sear of pain, and I knew that I had made not one but two bad choices: taking the child out of class and causing myself a release of stress and anger hormones, which flooded my system and started the endo flare.

And I was supposed to be the head teacher all this week, as my head teacher is on a family retreat.

As soon as I got the child stabilised emotionally, and made sure the assistant teacher in the class was still running things alright, I called upon the director and the afternoon supervisor for help in finding substitute teachers, in case I could not make it in the next day.

This morning, I woke determined to get SOME work done. I wrote:

Attention: I am going in to work. Endometriosis can DIAF.
I’m the boss, dammit; I call the shots in this body.

I got through 5 hours before the pain and exhaustion took me out of the game. Then I came home and passed out for 3 hours with second round Ibuprofen and heating pad. Outside, we had an unusually warm and sunny winter day – it was in the 70’s, which is weird even for California. In February, it’s supposed to be raining hard all through February.

But because of george, I missed a beautiful sunny day, and I will miss it again tomorrow, too.

I spent the rest of the day today couch-ridden, working on importing endo blog posts over to Facebook.

The pain has been steady throughout the day, and I resorted to taking a half Tylenol 3 pill in the evening.
After dinner, I needed the other half pill. I’ve consumed 2,000mg of Ibuprofen today. The pain has been constant at 7 on the pain scale.

This evening, still in the thick of an endo flare, I counted out the days til the next one.

The next endo flare is due on the anniversary night of one of my favourite night clubs.

I’m seriously thinking of showing up – even if I have to arrive in my wheel chair. I AM SO FURIOUS WITH THIS ILLNESS TAKING JOYFUL EVENTS AWAY FROM ME.

Early February cycle

February 2, 2012
Today is the cautious day. I am moving slowly about the house, trying not to stir up the Endo hornet nest. Gonna try to go to work today.

And the doom just ramped up, but I hadn’t arranged for a sub cuz I was sure I’d be able to go in. Now I have to go in and wait for the late morning shift to arrive to hopefully stand in for me. It’s going to be grueling. Why do I do this to myself? Oh yeah, cuz I’m stubborn.

barely maintaining on 1,400mg of Advil

Today’s my long day. Working til 6pm. Kill me now.

Today was brutal, but I survived work on 1,400mg of Ibuprofen and a heating pad. The children were super at helping me out. ♥

February 3, 2012
Rough day for me today. I thought the endo flare was over, but it returned while at work. Came home sick for the third time this week – just like old times before the last surgery. :(

Feels later than it is. Normally that would be a good thing, but with all the pain and meds I’ve had today, I just want the day to be over.
> > Nate (my friend): did you rest?
Me: Hah, of course not. I’m stubborn. I have been couch-bound all day, though, does that count?

Okay, I’m finally giving in and going to bed. I spent the day couch-ridden, but productive. I have gone through most of my stockpile of news articles and research bulletins – I have enough to post one a day for the month of March (National Endometriosis Awareness Month)! Will continue stockpiling research, of course.

February 5, 2012
Saturday was a cautious day for me physically after spending a week w/ an endo flare. I was excited that my body was able to do the Time Warp at the Castro Theatre. HOORAY FOR UPTIME! Time to LIVE LIFE until the next flare, around Feb. 24. I want to go out dancing every Friday, and I’m going to really try to get to another favourite dance club on Mondays right at 9pm as often as I can.

(Later that evening…)
Whoops, I guess I’m not officially in uptime, yet. Had great energy all day, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Went grocery shopping with my husband, and on the way out, I zoomed the grocery cart like a giant scooter all the way back to the car. Now my legs are shaky and I feel a bit nauseated. So I’ve been saying for the past few days, “okay body, TOMORROW then.” I say it again. Okay body, TOMORROW then…it will be uptime.

February 6, 2012
You have GOT to be kidding me.

This is the second woman in the last two years to have completely faked an attempted suicide and resulting coma. I now doubt whether she has endometriosis, or any of the listed medical conditions she talks about. Trust is completely destroyed, and now I’m hearing rumour there’s a third. Seriously, I gave these strangers a chance. I accepted them at face value, because they said they go through what I go through with endometriosis. I am ready to unfriend all of them because of three women. I am ready to shut down again on humanity – the way I used to be back in the early to mid 1990s. I was Mean Not Nice. Everybody deserved my wrath. Everybody was guilty until proven innocent, and even then, people got a squint of mistrust. Is that what I need to go back to? I know it’s not, but damn that’s how I feel right now.

Dear New Year: You’re Doing It Wrong.

A New Year is supposed to be a time of New Beginnings, New and Wonderful Things.

Instead, the year starts off with a horrible diagnosis, hate-filled and self-serving drama, more clashes between “protesters” and police, and well, the same old same old as far as my endo pain.

The horrible diagnosis is Stage II squamous cell carcinoma for my father. The news was received on January 4th. I spent 48 hours trying to get as detailed information as I could, but it was all couched in panic and high dramatic emotion from my father and step-mother. I keep being told “it’s melanoma, but the doctors say it’s not.” Well, squamous cell carcinoma is by definition non-melanoma skin cancer. It’s dangerous if left untreated, and the doctor did tell my dad that if he’d gone for a few more months, it could have been fatal. My dad and his wife are acting like it IS fatal.

It’s been hell on all of us, emotionally, to get dad to calm the hell down and take charge of his emotions and get some courage up for the treatment ahead of him. He’s chosen to take an experimental chemo treatment called Efudex for two weeks, and then he will have a Mohs surgery on February 27 to excise the cancer, which is on his temple. He’s already had upwards of 16 other cancerous lesions excised and frozen off the surface of his back, chest and hands. Now what remains is the one on his temple. He fought for over a year to get treatment, but his small-town doctor did not take the lesions seriously, and kept telling him it was psoriasis.

The hate-filled and self-serving drama relates to endometriosis support groups on the Internet. There have always been a number of splinter groups forming once a new group springs up. There have always been nasty women saying nasty things about other women, going so far as to blame women as being attention seekers and drug addicts. YEAH, JUST WHAT I WANT IN A SUPPORT GROUP. GO HUMANITY! WOOO!!! This is nothing new – it’s been going on since before I even discovered online support groups in 2007, after my first surgery.

There’s (again) been a rash of women who opened up and admitted to being suicidal, ever since an endo sister did try to end her life in December, and gained the top headlines so to speak in some endo forums as a result. The nasties lashed out, saying the others who were suicidal were just attention whores. Can you believe that?!?! OMG. Here you are, finally able to say, YES, ME TOO, I’VE BEEN IN A DARK PLACE, PLEASE HELP ME, and what you get in return is being called a drama queen attention-seeker.

Then there are those who are actually bitter about not getting replies to their posts or questions in the forums in a timely fashion, who instead of re-posting the questions until they do get an answer, simply go around bad-mouthing the group for not paying attention to them. GROW THE HELL UP, PEOPLE. There are hundreds of people on some support groups, and thousands of people on other support groups. If you post something and nobody replies to it, think of the following:

  • What time of day is it – maximize your posting for a time frame in which most people will likely be on the computer. Keep a world time zone chart handy!
  • Either bump or post your question or story a second time if you have gotten no feedback the first time.
  • Write to an admin on the support group to elicit further help to getting your story or question some air time.


It’s not rocket science. People need to stop being so selfish and childish. The support groups are made up of people who suffer from the same illness – not of 24/7 on-call doctors and psychologists FFS. We are there to support each other, but we are all in pain, we are all enduring family stuff, we are all trying to get work done in some fashion, and then we come to the support groups online to help ourselves and others like us. The ones who are being abusive need to be expelled.
It’s a good thing I’m not an admin, and I have been asked plenty of times to help admin different lists over the years. I’d have kicked off hundreds of people by now, I swear. I have gone through many online support groups; they start out well enough but almost always devolve into a damned Lord Of The Flies novella. It’s sickening. You could be reading this rant in the year 2000 or in the year 2027 and the same frustration will still be there. Humanity often remains so very disappointing to me.

The clashes between “protesters” and police reference is regarding the continuation of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, specifically the branch of it that is going on near where I live. Here we are, three months later, aggressive protests and police brutality still happening, and still no direct words from the President of the United States. He was mic-checked in November in New Hampshire, but again, spent but a sound byte of time on the entire movement:



The Governor of the State of California finally broke his silence on the occupy movement on December 27, when he said he will do everything in his power, just shy of bringing in the National Guard, to keep the Port of Oakland open, should the protesters try to shut it down a third time.

Governor Brown also said, “I think the Occupy movement is focused on city halls and universities and maybe other institutions…It’s an expression of disapproval and discontent, but it’s not incorporated into the political process at this point, at least not the political process where you vote Yes or No on an initiative.”


The same old same old as far as my endo pain is just that. I’ll write up a separate journal entry, as this entry was mainly to blow off steam.

And for my next trick, a pinched nerve!

(reposted from facebook)

Yesterday was really rough for me emotionally. I hadn’t even fully emerged from several days of endometriosis pain when my upper back/neck went out. This is the second time in a month that a pinched nerve issue has cropped up – it used to happen all the time when I worked at a desk, but since changing careers, the pinched nerve issue is rare. This is a really bad one, and is still on fire today, despite pounding myself with muscle relaxers and Advil all afternoon/night. I’m tired of being in pain. You have no idea how tired.
December 15, 2011 at 6:59am

November cycle

Reposted from facebook:

November 14, 2011 at 8:08 am
In the You Have Got To Be Kidding Me department, one of our listed helper substitutes just told me she can’t come in for me today because she has to go grocery shopping.
I’m in too much physical pain because of endometriosis, and you have to go grocery shopping? Are you leaving for the store right now? Will it take 8 hours to get your damned groceries?

November 14, 2011 at 9:25 am
This morning, while trying to convince myself the pain was not ramping up, I consumed two bowls of gluten-free granola cereal and a protein bar, and STILL got a hypoglycemic attack, headache and nausea.
I only get hypoglycemic during an endo flare.

November 15, 2011 at 7:57 am
Going to try to work today, despite the endometriosis pain.

November 15, 2011 at 5:40 pm
Thanks, everyone! Your thoughts helped me survive the day! I also needed a ThermaCare heat wrap and 1,100mg of Advil, but I got through it amazingly enough!

November 17, 2011 at 7:44 pm
Unexpected recurrence of endo pain today – thought it was over by now but no…another cylon attack. Then I came home to cat pee all over the kitchen counter…AGAIN.

Tired of always having to play catch-up

How is it that October’s cycle never got recorded here? I have a memory of writing it up!

I’m so upset that I have to first catch up on October before proceeding to November.

This blog is firstly for my own good, so I can track changes cycle to cycle. I can’t believe I didn’t make time to chronicle October.

Every month, it seems that I have to go back through my iCal, Twitter and Facebook accounts to piece together what the pain was like. I no longer keep a running log on this site.
It’s all real-time, in the moment on social networking sites. But the problem with that is once the feed scrolls, it’s gone. Out of sight, out of mind. What caused the pain to increase or decrease over a certain cycle? Oh I dunno, I posted about it over on Twitter and/or Facebook instead of HERE!


Day 3 of July cycle

I might just puke from the pain. I’m about 8 on the pain scale right now.

I’ve been on Tylenol 3 for bad cramps since Day 1 of the cycle this time around. Were I scheduled to work, I’d have missed two days of work already.

12:36pm update: I just now popped 600mg Ibuprofen. I was too nauseous earlier to ingest medication. Twice during this menstrual cycle, I have had diarrhea, which is uncommon for me. The pain of even having a movement made me nearly puke as well. I sat on the couch for a couple of hours with a heating pad on my front and on my back. I lay in fetal position and napped, exhausted from the pain, even though I’d just slept 8.5 hours overnight.

Now the pain is about a 6.5 on the pain scale.

I am going to see what kind of homework I can get done. Yes, I graduated school but I still have homework to turn in. I didn’t actually get my teaching certificate on the day of graduation, but at least I did get to attend graduation.

1:17pm update: I just took half a Tylenol 3 because the pain is ramping up again.