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andie said in January 6th, 2009 at 9:36 pm

THANK YOU for posting this! I had some run in with him on one board AND DID NOT TRUST HIM.

The ERC not only allowed him to join, but ‘scooped him up’ and allowed him on the board or some such thing!!! It was VERY upsetting. THANK YOU for posting this.!

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Jeanne said in January 14th, 2009 at 11:53 pm


There are several blogs with warnings on this issue. I don’t normally make it a habit of posting links in comment fields but figured that, in this case, you wouldn’t mind me doing so since they are all relevant to this post!

Here are the ones I know of…

“Endochick’s” endo blog warning (a great general warning about Internet safety… not just about this individual allegedly posing as a doctor) is:


“Melissa Ralston’s” new endo blog (warning about “Dr. Greg”) is:


“Squidgeboo’s” new endo blog – ‘Squidgeaboo’s Endo Blog’ (warning about “Dr. Greg”) is:


“Jeanne’s” blog called ‘Jeanne’s Endo Blog’ (my blog) – warning about “Dr. Greg”):


I also later wrote a follow-up post that mentioned resources available for women regarding sexual abuse.

Given the allegations made against “Dr. Gregory Smith”, I felt it was important to give resources for women who have been abused.

For that link, see this post:


In light of the alarming/frightening interactions reported by endo patients who interacted with “Dr. Greg”, I felt it important to provide options for help, for any who might need it.

Again, involving the proper authorities is the way to go…

Finally, this person can re-surface at any time using a different name, email address, or alias. I urge women to keep their guard up. Endochick’s link above give some particularly helpful tips on Internet safety.


P.S. A felow endo blogger had email exchanges back and forth recently with a large endometriosis organization regarding this issue. The matter is apparently under investigation. I would urge any woman who has knowledge about this individual to contact the authorities and share what they know! I have no means whatsoever of validating the comments made above. All I can say is that anyone who has reason to believe that this individual has acted improperly needs to inform *the authorities* (whether that be police, FBI, etc.)! I believe the FBI has a unit dedicated to online “cyber-crimes”. I must re-empahsize that this person could pose as a man, woman, doctor, non-doctor… There is no way to tell.

Please guard your personal health information, your geographical location, and your name if at all possible. This person is unlikely to have become SO involved with multiple online endo support groups (large ones) to then just drop out of site never to return. The individual’s Facebook profile vanished but that does not necessarily mean this person is “gone”! Stay vigilant!