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Diana Wolf said in May 5th, 2009 at 7:58 am

hi im a long suffering woman who has endo. and i just wanted to thank you for putting the surgery u had out there it is important to us woman who suffer severely with the disease i just wish that it was more talked about we see commercials all on the tv for like cancer and other similar diseases i say similar because endo. from researching this disease and having been diagnosed with it since i was 13/14 had my first surgery at15yrs old and my second surgery at 18/19yrs old..but i meant to say is that endo. likes to ”mimic” other diseases and it is a true fact that when woman are diagnosed with a autoimmunilogical disease then there is a statistic not shure of the top of my head..but that a fact that a woman is mostlikely to have another disease/disorder in her body i myself am trying to find out if i have one of the other linked diseases..they are known as…..ruematord arthritis,fibromalaygia,lupus,and allergies,and others but ive been having more issues with my endo and ive been on pretty much every birth control out there and guess what they all stink..lol especially the lupron now in ure video u said that u i think were going to or considering the lupron …please listen to me and take my opinion as a genuine concern not just for u but also for other woman..i did use lupron after my second surgery and it seemed to help ok but this is what i recently discovered in researching my disease about lupron and this is a true story u should also pick up theses books..i’ll tell you when im finished ….i read in a book about a woman who was questioning the ”minor side-effects” of the treatment of lupron ..and may i also mention also that lupron wil stay in ure body an additional either 6months or a year i think depending on the treatment…..but getting back to what i found in the book is the woman wanted to see and she asked her doctor about her bone density..now her doctor said that she doesnt need to be so worried about but this is what he discovered after she requested a bone density scan….her doctor was shocked and he said that if he knew then what he new after the test he would of never recomended the treatments of lupron…her tests of her bone scan came back as the bone density of a 65yr old woman and her age at the time was ONLY 29YRS OLD!!!!! so i am a alot more interested in my health now more than ever i have alot of pain and im still looking for relief and i wish people would take this disease more seriously and not just say ”tough it up” or stop complaining”its normal to endure menstrual pain” IT IS NOT NORMAL!!! my favorite response that i even got from a specialist of reproductive fertility and disorders…..”maybe u need to see a pyschologist/therapist” meaning ”ITS IN YOUR HEAD”….this is sad to me and now im a 25yr old who is still suffering and at this point longing for some pain relief and who ever says that lupron/hormonal therapies r what RELIEVES THE PAIN WELL THEY R PROBABLY RIGHT ABOUT THE ESTROGEN PART BUT THE PAIN RELIEF IS WRONG!!!! I ALSO DISCOVERED THAT IN ONE OF THE BOOKS IS THIS THAT ….research is discovering that there is endo. that is also microscopic tissues and is blind even too the naked eye so when having however many surgeries or by even getting a hystorectamy it still can be present and also ..aside from that i would like this to be noted that just because there is howevermuch endo found it doesnt mean that we should be discriminated to the pain cause a woman who has just very ”little endo” can be in a whole lot more severe pain than a woman who is classified as stage 5 4 3 2 or 1..it is important that people start recognizing this disease as severe as or just as important than arthritis so any way these are the names of the books …

”Living well with Endometriosis..What your Doctor Doesnt Tell you… That You Need To Know”-By author Kerry-Anne Morris *She is Founder of the UNVEILING ENDOMETRIOSIS PROJECT
”Endometriosis for Dummies”-By DR.Joseph W. Krotec *Who did my last endo surgery!! he is a blessing to me in my life and i wish him the very best..he was the only the only one who truely cared for my endo.. !! -& Author Sharon Perkins,RN
”Endometriosis the complete Reference For Taking Charge of Your Health”-By Author Mary Lou Ballweg & the endometriosis association.. **this is the book i found the story of the lupron inccident**

..i hope that u can read this and mabey contact me and maybey help people like me who are still suffering every day from this horrible-painful disease.

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Steph said in June 16th, 2009 at 9:53 pm

Oh wow. Yeah, Lupron is bad, bad stuff. I hope you got off of it! But at the same time, I hope you were able to find relief in another, healthier form. Thanks so much for telling your story. I’m sorry it took so long to get your comment approved – I’ve not had time to maintain my website in over a month and I’m just getting back to it, now.

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Jessica M. Gordon said in August 28th, 2009 at 6:18 pm

Your story was very supportive and educational. For the past five years, I suffered from lower abdominal pain, extreme exhaustion, and menstrual bleeding. Through ultrasound, uterine fibroids were discovered but past doctors only recommended a “watchful eye.” While my symptons progressed, my intuition told me it was time to find a new doctor who was serious about finding a solution to my chronic condition. The grace of God led me to Dr. Geoffrey Cly who found a fibroid the size of a baby’s head in my uterus! He saved my life and confirmed that women don’t have to live with reoccuring pain, staying with doctors who use the “watch & see” method. And educational stories like this bring to light the importance of women taking control of their health options to find the best solutions.

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Steph said in August 31st, 2009 at 4:10 pm

Hi Jessica,
The story was actually that of Alyssa Ivanson who is a reporter in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
I’m sure she’d love to read this from you directly! Her email is: alyssa.ivanson@wane.com