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Natalie said in December 27th, 2009 at 6:39 pm

I have come to the conclusion that i have endometriosis.
I have alot of the symptoms, and i’m really scared.
No one is going to believe that i have this disease, my family practioner would only prescribe me things for the nausea, vomiting,menstrual pains, urinary tract infections etc.
I’ve been on the pill for half a year now, and the pain has gone away, im scared that this disease has effected my bladder because I have an overactive bladder, and my kidneys because they often hurt and I dont know why…
I dont know what to do.

please help.

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steph said in December 30th, 2009 at 12:33 am

Hi Natalie,
I’m so sorry you have such pain. Women of all ages are still not believed by doctors or their families – this is something that you must come to terms with in order to take up the cruel responsible reality that you are your own mother and must take care of yourself. The time is not for fear but for strength and courage. Doctors are used to prescribing based upon symptoms, rather than taking the entire person into account, so you will need to seek out a specialist. I have heard that reproductive endocrinology is the way to go, but even finding a gynecologist who specialises in treating endometriosis will be a very good start. The only problems of course are that if you are under that age of 18, you may have trouble convincing your parents that they need to spend the money on a specialist for you…and if you do not have proper or any health insurance, a specialist can be quite costly.

You said you have an overactive bladder – have your gynecologist examine you to see if you have a condition known as Interstitial Cystitis.

Definitely have a look at the right side of my website – under Online Support and Advice – and join one or a few support groups.
Definitely keep a log of your symptoms (I tend to use iCal to track stuff, and then print it out, but also check out the websites listed on the left side of my site, under Symptom Tracking).
Definitely see if your doctor can do a blood test to check your kidney enzymes if your kidneys are hurting.

I hope this helps!