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Warrior Girl said in November 9th, 2010 at 9:33 am

I just wanted to respond to your response…

While I agree with you. I had surgery from Redwine literially 2-3 weeks prior to this all coming out… and personally I feel cheated & not given all the options from Redwine. He made it seem like surgery was my only option, and in fact told me that….After my second endo surgery from him, and him finding a tiny, tiny, tiny spot.. his suggestion was a hysterectomy… AT 31 YEARS OLD! As you probably could of guessed, I felt depressed for days… wondering my possiblity of having children was now gone… Than I read this article and realized the epic shit storm he is involved in… and felt like I was led to believe surgery was my ONLY OPTION and my $6800 fee I paid him was for nothing…. Can I have a refund please? After this article, i took back control of my life… Started holistic means like acupuncture, energy medicine, yoga ect and I am slowly feeling better….

I just wanted to say my side having just been operated by him, I feel cheated and mislead… I feel like his has lost track of why he became who he is.. He has lost track with WHY he is doing what he is doing, and is not the surgeon that I knew when I had surgery over a decade ago. Dr. Redwine shame on you… I agree. You were suppose to be one of the good ones!!!!

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steph said in November 18th, 2010 at 7:28 am

I’m so sorry to read of your experience with Redwine. I apologise too for taking days to find your comment to that article – I’m constantly behind in monitoring comments to this website. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I agree that he’s lost track of why he became who he is. We’re the ones who ultimately suffer. I really hope you keep talking to lawyers and try to get your money back. You are a Warrior and I believe you will thoroughly rise above this somehow.
I notice you have a blog – I’ll have a look at it!